Folk Tales 4
Acid in the Arboretum

Yes my feller dwellers, spring it nearly cumeth upon us so join us in banishing the wolf of winter back to his lair with this mushroom brew fuelled dance upon the heath beneath the stones and resting place of the elders. Drink deep and be merry for soon it be'ath the time for sowing thy seed . . .
1.T.I.M.E - Waking
2. David Crosby - Traction in the Rain
3.Chris Bell - Speed of Sound
4.Jan and Lorraine - Number 33
5.Espers - Rosemary Lane
6.Circulus - Everglade
7.Candle for Judith - Siderial
8.Comus - Winter is a Coloured Bird
9.Spriggans - Witchfynder
10.Fairport Convention - Matty Groves
11.Dulcimer - Sonnet to the Fall
12.Gorkys Zycotic Mynci - Eating Salt is Easy
13.C.O.B - Evening Air
14.Roy Harper - One Man Rock and Roll Band

(Again this issue featuring very special artwork from the Bosbos)