JAPROCKSAMPLER #33 - East Bionic Symphonia (1976)

Tripped out vocal drones,bowed Schnitzler styled glissandos from a viola and fiddle and scattered bamboo percussion this comes at you like Tangerine Dream jamming with Taj Mahal Travellers. Featuring sometime Taj Traveleer Kazuo Imai, this live recording dates from 1976.


JAPROCKSAMPLER #22 Magical Power Mako

JAPROCKSAMPLER #32 Datetenryu - 1971

Representatives of the early ’70s festival scene, Datetenryu was an obscure cousin to Communist agitator bands Zuno Keisatsu (Brain Police), Yellow, Les Rallizes Denudés and Murahatchibu. Led by organist Masao Tonari, the band on UNTO[album] played a frantic hogwash of soul-based progressive space rock that inhabited the same territory as The the Soft Machine’s debut- LP period (imagine ‘Why Are We Sleeping?’ or ‘Hope For for Happiness’ by way of ‘21st Century Schizoid Man’). Mainly instrumental, their music is a space trek through endless R&B riffs and classic soul moments, like some ever- unfolding medley. UNTO purports to be what the band members would have chosen had they had the opportunity to release an official debut album at the time, ie: a total barrage of lo-fi progressive garage rock. The 20-minute epic ‘Doromamire (Covered All Over In in Mud)’ is the killer, but really it’s all one insane 47-minute-long rush. Formed in May 1971, at Kyoto Sangyo (‘Industrial’) University, Datetenryu was a right bunch of refusenik longhairs. Masao Tonari set up sideways on to the rest of the band, while drummer Shogo Ueda played, head down, facing away from the stage pointing towards Tonari’s Yamaha organ. Indeed, guitarist Kei Yamashita appears to have been permanently out of proceedings in the same way that Yes’s Pete Banks and the Nice’s Davy O’List were forever being sidelined. Datetenryu’s biggest claim to fame, however, was the presence of bassist/singer Hiroshi Narazaki, who later became Hiroshi Nar and joined Les Rallizes Denudés, thereafter forming his own very excellent band the Niplets, who continue to perform right up to the present time.

JAPROCKSAMPLER #26 Brast Burn - Same Title

This virtually unknown free chant’n’ritual ensemble made one brilliant LP DEBON for Voice Records in 1974, before disappearing back whence they came. Often compared to Faust, they actually come across more like some Cajun inbreds at a cannibal sacrifice, the chanting exhibiting an apocalyptic bluesy quality somewhat akin to Exuma the Obeah Man, or Captain Beefheart circa STRICTLY PERSONAL and MIRROR MAN. Hand drums, sleigh bells, tambourines, blues harp, and many many vocals go into the sonic stew that makes the sound of Brast Burn.


JAPROCKSAMPLER #19 Karuna Khyal - Alomoni 1985

Deep trance inducing chantathons coming on like the freewheeling Krauts with shades of bongo driven Popol Vuh styled grooves and Beefheartian lurches. Along with Brast Burn this area of Japrock is the deepest.


JAPROCKSAMPLER #16 People/Ceremony- Buddha Meets Rock

Released in answer to Ikuzo Orita’s superb ‘Polydor Super Session’ series of LPs, this riposte/rip-off, written by Buddhist poet/songwriter Naoki Tachikawa and organised by Teichiku Records’ A&R director Hideki Sakamoto, challenged every one of Orita’s projects and beat most of them cold simply by working though Orita’s own blueprint line by line. People even deployed the arsenal of Orita’s own guitar star ex-Outcast hired gun Kimio Mizutani, whose subtle licks inform the entire work. Mizutani shines brightest on side one’s 12-minute drone chant ‘Shomyo Part One’, but the bluesy bell tone of ‘Shomyo Part Two’ is pure and exquisite cosmic monotony, as is that employed on ‘Flower Strewing’, which elevates the track right out of authentic religious bore into a Funkadelic Deadmarch. On the five-minute wa-funk of ‘Gatha’, the apparently egoless Mizutani conjures up a typical Hideki Ishema-style axe scrawl giving the track a sound just like Kuni Kawauchi’s KIRIKYOGEN. By the middle of side two, the tension has broken and the record starts to sound like Tim Leary’s 7UP collaboration with Ash Ra Tempel, as orgasmic Gille Lettmann/Rosi Muller-style female shrieks overwhelm ‘Prayer’. Director Sakamoto kept it all spacey and minimal, then adding plenty more LUMPY GRAVY-period Frank Zappa and mucho David Axelrod (whence came many of the original concepts) to the stew. As if to prove People’s pragmatism, ‘Epilogue’ concludes with 2-minutes of jamming over Axelrod’s immaculate ‘Holy Thursday’ from SONGS OF INNOCENCE. People’s success is their tenacity in holding on both to the drone and, therefore, to the metaphor, which permeates the entire recording and lays serious meditative usefulness on to the listener.
(Text from Japrocksampler)

Guru Guru - Electric Junk (1971)

Tangerine Dream - Barock (1975)

Popol Vuh - Improvisation (1971)

Neu! - Hero (Live 1974)

Kluster 1971

Tangerine Dream - Live in Coventry (1975)

Tangerine Dream 1969 with Klaus



japan's answer to The Pink Faries and much loved by the Japanese bikers who followed them round.


JAPROCKSAMPLER# 9 Takehisa Kosugi “Catch-Wave

Talking of holy fuck . . . . Thats what i thought when i first heard this LP. Coming on like Zeit period Tangerine Dream this is one hell of a droneathon classic up there with La Monte Young and Sunn. Takehisa Kosugi was part of the Fluxus movement (Cale,Ono,Conrad etc...) and was also a member of the incredible Taj Mahal Travellers. Layering a droning Moog tone with treated piano and traditional instruments this hits you like Klaus Shultze on Mogadon in India.

JPAROCKSAMPLER #7 - Masahiko Satoh & Soundbreakers - Amalgamation

More Jap Freakout stuff this time from master composer Masahiko Satoh and his ring modulated piano !!!! More phasetone mindmelters from 1970 that sits well against the Uganda and Love,Live,Life +1 Lps.

JAPROCKSAMPLER #6 - Love Live Life + One - Love Will Make A Better You (1970)

Out of all the recent interest in Japanese rock thanks to Mr J Cope's book its the beauties like this that make it all worthwile. Recorded in 1970 and featuring the damaged fuzz guitar of K. Mizutani this LP comes on like a Dieter Derks produced Cosmic Jokers LP all phased and out there. Opener "The Question Mark (17:59)" is one hell of a trip and by the time the 2nd track comes in your brain is fried and just hooks up for the ride thru the rest of the LP. For fans of Cosmic Jokers,Brainticket and the Haphash freakout LP


Holy Fuck - in Session

Is Clint Boon the new Tony Wilson? Let's hope so, I love the half dozen kids stood around feeling slightly awkward whilst Holy Fuck do their stuff. Boon's interview mid session is a classic, especially about getting 'turned on', I can believe it!

U.F.O - Boogie

Some Greebo action from UFO before they went shit and heavy metal


Faust (1971)

Amon Duul II - Soap Shop Rock/Surrounded by the Stars


Renate ?? YAYYYYYYYYYYY *semi*

Gong - Live 1971 and Interview

"More pothead pixie lunacy"

Gong - Fohat Digs Holes in Space (1972)

"Nice cuppa funky dunk for a quick dip of the Lip"

We really like the dolls hands holding the mic ;)

John Martyn - Dealer

Lashings of Echoplex and a serious opium haze

Comus - First Utterance

One of the UK's greatest unsung bands along with Dark and Zior. They released their debut LP "First Utterance" in 1971 on Dawn records and it failed to do well due to a postal strike that held up distribution and it sank without trace making prices of the original gatefold LP to rocket. The album contains some of the best byrdy wyrdy folk along the lines of Trees,Subway,Fairports but with more of an mystic eastern feel. One of the main things about Comus is their un-nerving sound that comes from Roger Wooton's vocals delivered in a pained shrilled way that is very compelling and this is layered upon the droning eerie violin tones of Colin Pearson and the female vocals from Bobby Watson. Lyrical content is not for the faint hearted involving such themes as Rape,violence, mental disorders and murder (Not your usual skip through the folky forest). They split right after this LP only to regroup in 1974 for 2nd LP "To Keep from Crying". The line up was expanded to include Gong sax blaster Didier Malherbe among others.

First Utterance


JAPROCKSAMPLER #2 & 15 Speed,Glue and Shinki

If you like that heavy drugged psych sound from the early '70's then Speed, Glue & Shinki is a must! This is a excellent sounding group from Japan and featured the great Shinki Chen on guitar. If you like Blues Creation, Juan De La Cruz, Flower Travellin' Band and Too Much then you are going to love this rare release! The debut album from 1971 by '70's Japanese acid rock band Speed Glue and Shinki.Psychedelic weirdness predominates on this release which rips along like a sludge heavy Led Zep meets Sabbath - with plenty of guitar mayhem on cuts like "Stoned Out Of My Mind" and "Mr. Walking Drugstore Man......" - and then trips out in an acoustic fashion.


01. Mr. Walking Drugstore Man (5:25)

02. Big Headed Woman (6:15)

03. Stoned out of my Mind (6:01)

04. Ode to the Bad People (4:53)

05. M Glue (2:43)

06. Keep it Cool (4:17)

07. Someday We'll All Fall Down (5:23)


LINK pt 1



Shinki Chen And His Friends

1- The Dark Sea Dream

2- Requiem Of Confusion
3- Freedom A Mad Paper Lantern
4- Gloomy Reflections
5- It Was Only Yesterday
6- Corpse
7- Farewell To Hypocrites



Sir Lord Baltimore

Sir Lord Baltimore were a pioneering American heavy metal band from Brooklyn, New York, formed in 1968 by lead vocalist/drummer John Garner, guitarist Louis Dambra, and bass player Gary Justin. They are most notable for the fact that a 1971 review of their debut record, Kingdom Come, contained the first documented use of the term "heavy metal" to refer to a style of music. Additionally, Sir Lord Baltimore featured a drumming lead singer, traditionally a rarity in rock and metal music.

Kingdom Come / Self Titled 71

01. Kingdom Come (Kingdom Come)

02. I Got a Woman (Kingdom Come)

03. Hell Hound (Kingdom Come)

04. Helium Head (I Got a Love) (Kingdom Come)

05. Ain't Got Hung on You (Kingdom Come)

06. Master Heartache (Kingdom Come)

07. Hard Rain Fallin' (Kingdom Come)

08. Lady of Fire (Kingdom Come)

09. Lake Isle of Innersfree

10. Pumped Up (Kingdom Come)

11. Chicago Lives

12. Loe and Behold

13. Woman Tamer

14. Caesar Lxxi

15. Man from Manhattan

16. Where Are We Going?

Part 1: http://sharebee.com/e7ee87fd

Part 2: http://sharebee.com/c07901f2

The Litter

The Litter were a psychedelic and garage rock band formed in 1966 in Minneapolis. Today they are best remembered for their 1967 debut single "Action Woman." This is some of the finest acidrock to come from the 60's and heavily psychedelic for its time


01 - Action Woman - 2.33

02 - Whatcha Gonna do About it - 2.27

03 - Codine - 4.32

04 - Somebody Help Me - 1.57

05 - Substitute - 2.36

06 - The Mummy - 1.26

07 - I'm So Glad - 3.49

08 - A Legal Matter - 2.50

09 - Rack My Mind - 3.42

10 - Soul-Searchin' - 2.50

11 - I'm a Man - 4.03

12 - Hey Joe - 4.10

13 - Harpsichord Sonata #1 (Bonus) - 0.27

14 - Here I Go Again (Bonus) - 2.40

15 - The Egyptian (Bonus) - 2.54

16 - (Under The Screaming Double) Eagle (Bonus) - 3.03

17 - Confessions (of a Traveler Through Time) (Bonus) - 2.24

18 - Blues One (Bonus) - 4.06

19 - She's Not There (Bonus) - 7.55

20 - Pegasus (Bonus) - 3.19

Part 1. http://sharebee.com/872170d8

Part 2: http://sharebee.com/fd5afee4

$100 Fine


1. Mindbreaker

2. Tallyman

3. Here I Go Again

4. Morning Sun

5. Eagle, (Under The Screaming Double)

6. Apologies To 2069

7. Kaleidoscope

8. Blues One

9. She's Not There


The Guess Who

On my travels on the T'internet ive come across some killer Lps that i would like to share. I havnt uploaded any of these but "Found" them via Google
So let down your long hair and roll a number and get down

First up we have :

The Guess Who

Canadian band fronted by the immense Burton Cummings who laid down some classic Ur Metal in the late 60's / Early 70's

Wheatfield Soul

Canned Wheat

American Woman

Share The Land

Live At The Paramount


La Musique Est Importante Volume 2 - Soleboy

Part two in the La/Le (whatever) series. Eclectic nonsense from Soleboy, mixed using two Technics 1210s and a mixer - none of your fancy Ableton, Serato malarky here. Enjoy...
1. Alpha - Fierfly
2. Rhythm & Sound w/ the Chosen Brothers - History
3. Round Three Featuring Tikiman - Acting Crazy
4. Suicide Sports Club - I Don't Know
5. Soleboy - One Hour Wait
6. LCD Soundsystem - Beat Connection
7. Baby Mammoth - And I'll See You
8. Ely Guerra - Amores Perros
9. Frederic Galliano - Alla Cassi Magni
10. Idjut Boys - Vorn
11. Yukihiro Fukutomi - I Am
12. Solid's Supa-Noodles - Sushi & Noodles
13. Soleboy - Angel's Delight
14. LCD Soundsystem - Losing My Edge


Soundtrackarama 1

1.Wendy Carlos - Shining (Main Title)
2.Walter Carlos - Clockwork Orange (Main Title)
3.Vangelis - Bladerunner(Main Title)
4.Ligeti - Lux Aeterna(2001)
5.John Williams - Once upon a time in..
6.Roy Budd - Get Carter (Main title)
7.Glitterhouse - Viper Vapour(Barbarella)
8.John Barry - The Persuaders
9.Dudley Moore - Bedazzled/Love Me
10.Mick Jagger - Performance(Main Title)
11.Bob Crewe - Barbarella(Main Title)
13.Richard O'Brian - Double Feature
14.Chris Montez - Lets Dance (Animal House)
15.This Life Aquatic - Starman
16.Steve Zissou - Shark Attack Theme
17.Goblin - Suspiria(Main Title)
18.Britt Ekland - Willows Song
19.Krystof Pendereki - Utrenja
20.Peter Cook - Bedazzled
21.Peter Ivers - In Heaven
22.Goblin - La Alba
23.Vangelis - Racheals Song
24.John Barry - Golden Girl
25.Morricone - For a Few Dollars More..

In memory of lovely John Superstar . . .

Ambimix - Environments 2

2.Seefeel - Lux 1
3.Burial - Nightbus
4.Air Liquide - Im Erlenmeyerkolben
5.Christ - Substation
6.Sylvain/Czukay - Premonition
7.Front 242 - Messenger of Neptune (Orb)
8.FSOL - Lifeforms (Path 6)
9.Tim Blake - Midnight
10.Voyager - Arrival
11.Bola - Vmb
12.B12 - Void_Comm
13.LFO - Forever
14.Woob - Strange Air
15.Zoviet France - As Falls Snoqualmie
16.Redcell - Wastelands
17.Bassomatic - Set the Controls
18.Cluster/Eno - Old Land

Acidfolk 3 - Nowt Stranger than Folk

1. Amon Duul I - Sandoz in the Rain
2. Espers - Travel Mountains
3. Bert Jansch - Misty Hop
4. Fleetwood Mac - Oh Well pt 2
5. Black Sabbath - Planet Caravan
6. The Byrds - Wasnt Born to Follow
7. David Crosby - Mind Gardens
8. Jefferson Airplane - Triad
9. Donovan - 3 Kingfishers
10.Davey Graham - She Moved thru the Bizzare
11.Espers - Byss & Abyss
12.Walter Wegmuller - The Hochpreister
13.Amon Duul II - Cerberus
14.Greasy Fingers - Gathering Moss


Acidfolk 1 - Tales from the Forest

We've had requests for some reposts of mixes from the old Rebelbass pages so here we go with the first . . .

These go out in particular to Paul and Deb and Uwe. We got there eventually . . .


1.Mushroom - Early One Morning

2.Fairport Convention - Reynardine

3.Espers - Dead Queen

4.Circullus - Willow Tree

5.Vashti Bunyan - Diamond Day

6.Emtidi - Saat

7.Callinan Flynn - The Old Man

8.Magnet - Gently Johhny

9.Sol Invictus - Our lady of Wild Flowers

10.Woven Hand - Swedish Purse

11.Comus - The Herald

12.Fresh Maggots - Rosemary Hill

13.The Trees - The Garden of Jane Delaney

14.Subway - I am a Child

15.David Crosby - Tamalpais(At about 3)

16.Espers - Dead King



Dub Echoes

This looks like a really great documentary that shows how dub influences much of the music we hear today, from electronic music to hip hop.
The film features all the big players from reggae and electronica, including Lee Scratch Perry, Don Letts, Aba Shanti-I, Basement Jaxx, Bunny Lee, Dennis Bovell, David Katz, Mad Professor, Mutabaruka, Roots Manuva, Sly & Robbie and U-Roy, talk about the birth of dub, how it helped to change the way we perceive music and how its presence is still felt today.
Keep an eye half-cocked on your local arthouse cinema to see if it's coming.

Dir Bruno Natal, UK 2007, 89 mins, Cert 12A


Duke Spook presents Black Ops 4

Tracklisting :

1.Fracture - Phonecall

2.The Black Dog - Floods

3.Vex'd - 3rd Choice (Loafah Cut)

4.Escapee Plans - Heavy Scent

5.Kuma - Lost in Translation

6.Darqwan - Ghost Not Memory

7.Komanazmuk - Fear

8.Babylon Systems - Examination Time

9.Hijack and Skream - Wake Up

10.Various Productions - Go Beat

11.Goth Trad - Cut End

12.Sub Version - Rise Up


Cosmic Messages 2 - Motorcity Moonbass

1. Plus 8 - From Our Minds to Yours

2. Claude Young - Time Distortion

3. BFC - It's a Shame

4. Complex - Dream World

5. Bobby Ceal - Synapse

6. Interstellar Groove Addictions - Intertwined

7. Stacy Pullen - Powershot

8. Dan Curtin - Disopate

9. Kenny Larkin - Catatonic

10 Clark - Dial

11. Dan Curtin - A23

12 - Common Factor - Pisces Groove

13 - F.U.S.E - Refused

14 - M500 & 3mb - Jazz is the Teacher


Kobra Audio Labs - Tones,Drones and Broken Bones

Another renegade north of the border returns with much goodness in the form of his forthcoming "Tones,Drones and Broken Bones" LP, check the links below for a listen and this will be available to purchase soon on Juno,Bleep,Itunes etc . . . We will keep you posted

Underground Resistance - Bastille Day


BuildandDestroy - Fractured Radius

An excellent little mix from Anders from Build and Destroy who hosts along side Caleti one of the best online radio shows up in Scotland and on the internet that you can get your ears round. This is a nice little slow burner that keeps ya noggin bogglin. you know the rules

Tracklist :

Why? - good friday (Boards of Canada remix)

Kelpe - Whirlwound

Boards Of Canada - Chromakey Dreamcoat

Debruit - Re-new Real

Flying Lotus - Tea Leaf Dancer

Prefuse73 ft. Ghostface & El-P - Hide Ya Face

Four Tet - Sun Drums And Soil

Tortoise - TNT

Marcia Blaine School For Girls - Team Brass

MADVILLIAN - Money Folder (Four Tet Remix)

Clause Four - Blue On BlueZomby -

Spliff Dub (Rustie Remix)

Errors - Toes


Duke Spook - Black Ops 3

1.Tech Itch - Know
2.Suspicious Stench - Putrid Creature
3.Innasekt - Core
4.Dj Pinch &P Dutty - War Dub
5.Pinch - Punisher(Loafah SE25)
6.Drop the Lime - Glock Box
7.Kode 9 - Swarm
8.Appleblim - Mystical warrior
9.Various Productions - Mr Clever
10.Ripgroove - Double99(Tuffjam Dub)
11.Burial - Archangel
12.Maxim - Scheming(Zed Bias)
13.Sunship - Almighty Father
14.Wookie - Scrappy
15.Wookie - Battle (MJ Cole)
16.Underground Resistance - Kill my Radio Station
17.Boxcutter - Gave Dub



Cosmic Messages 1 - Italo Space Disco Special

In the first in a series of mixes hosted by Rebel Bass this summer all based around intergalactic planetary funkanauts who have made our world a better place with their visions of outer space and other life. First up we have old school Rebelbass member Anton LP drop a deliciously stellar selection of Italospace classics that is one hell of a blast off to the series that will have your mirrorball Deathstar spinning and get you grooving like your in the disco on Battlestar Galactica (The original as well), a second shuttle craft is already rumoured to be in transit piloted by the Soleboy himself bringing a full cargohold full of Technoid FONK to spacestation Rebelbass and it looks like this is gonna be one hell of a summer in space y'all


1.Cerrone - In the Smoke

2.Kano - Im Ready

3.Ganymed - It Takes me Higher

4.Giorgio Moroder - From Here to Eternity

5.Cerrone - Supernature

6. Harry Thurman - Underwater

7.Kebelelektrik - War Dance

8.Hot Gossip - Starship Trooper

9.Witch Queen - Witch Queen

10.Giorgio Moroder - Evolution

11.Patrick Cowley - Megatron Man

12.Mantus - Rock it to the Top

Boarding Pass


Duke Spook presents Black Ops 2

In advance of the forthcoming Duke Spook EP on 3 Bar Fire on Monday the Duke has released another bone crushing Black Ops mix heavy on the bassline and dark in flavour. Taking elements from all edges of the Bass scene this goes from heavy industrial dirt beat through to skittling 2 step thumpers,loads of new cuts slammed in with some older classics get it and turn ya subs up
Black Ops 2 :
1. Appleblim - Girder

2.El - B - Ghost Rider

3. Technical Itch - Implant

4.Rustie - Response

5. Technical Itch - One of Us

6.2562 - Enforcers

7. Appleblim/Peverlist - A Circling

8.Moving Ninja - Murky

9. Various Productions - No Win No Fee

10. Warlock - Photofit

11. Digital Mystic - Voiceprint

12. High Plains Drifter - Goldspot

13.Skream - Who are those Guys ?

14.Moving Ninja - Lost Tribe

15.Drop the Lime - Try Harder



Duke Spook - Deadweight Ep (3 Bar Fire)

( . . . . .Incoming Classified Transmission.........)

Rebelbass Minister of the subsonic battalions "Duke Spook" has drawn up plans for assault. Teaming up with the Sonic propaganda division "3 Bar Fire" they have assembled an imminent deployment of 4 different high grade techtonic weapons. To ready yourself you are advised to listen to the broadasts and then go straight to the armoury,collect your ordanance and stand by

Collection point :

The date set for "Operation Dead Weight" is April 21 at 0800 hours from that point on you are advised to stand by for further instructions and use force whenever neccesary at the first sign of assembled crowds

(.......Transmission Ends......)


Radiohead - Nude (remixes)

The parts for the new Radiohead single "Nude" have been put online so people can do their own versions and upload them for a competion, so Rebelbass stalwart File with Interpol and the excellent Remdog (Reptiles),Bobby Corridor and seismic Dave Graham (Regolith) have decide to overhaul the track and send it off in different directions. And for your listening pleasure we can offer 320k versions for download, all we ask is you take some time and visit the links and place your votes for em.

Over and out . . . . . . .


DAVE GRAHAM - NUDE Download Vote

REMDOG - NUDE Download Vote

STAS WERNO - NUDE Download Vote


JAMES ++ - Mix 1 Download Vote

JAMES ++ - Mix 2 Download Vote

MAPS AND DIAGRAMS - Nude Download Vote


Le Music est Importante Volume 1

First in a series of four eclectic mixes done by the t'other less active half of this shabby duo of musical misfits. There were done in the 2006-7 mix season, but deserve a nod upon this worthy blogsite boys and girls.


Blacksmoke - 2007 (What the fuck's now going on ?)

KLF - Trancentral Archives 1 - 3 (repost)

This is what the KLF is about and it looks like they are gonna have to re enter the building and broadcast Radio Freedom once again due to public demand and maybe have another dig and see if i cant get Vol 4 together. Also i have the whole Hour and a 1/2 of "The White Room" film but will have to set up a torrent as its AVI/700mb

All 3 volumes will be posted this evening until Sunday/Monday morning so grab em whilst you can



The K,the L and the F ology

Over and Out . . . . .


Depth Charge Mix by Duke Spook

For all you late night Kung fu lovers out there the Duke has mixed up a one inch punch worth of Rebelbass favorite J Saul Kane's best work under his Depth Charge moniker. Its an hours worth of the skuzziest dirtbeats and the most fucked up lo fi synths ever put to vinyl. Dont be alarmed my needle isnt fucked its meant to sound like that . . .
This one goes out to the Tatman and SasQwax for keeping it filthy.

Tracklisting :

1.Han Do Jin

2.Legend of the Golden Snake (Vs II)

3.Number 9

4.Sex,Sluts and Heaven (Bordello)

5.Five Deadly Venoms

6.Bounty Killer

7.Bounty Killer II

8.Bounty Killer III

9.Genius of Sci Fi

10.Disko Vixen (Tet)

11.Disko Airlines

12.Cool it Vixen

13.Blue Lipps

14.I Always Do

15.Bastard Swordsman

16.Princess and the Fly Girl

18.Toy Boxx


Keep on Stepping 4

Seems the sun is trying to poke its head out again after the winter so what better time to reveal this years Keep on Stepping selection in a hope to hurry its ass along . Yet again another heavyweight selection on a dub tip mixed by Fatty Ghettoblaster this time recorded live at the Black Lab 07/03/08. So bless up and fire up the system for some maximum FIYA !!

Tracklisting :

1.Well Charged - Ital Step
2.Scientist - Dance of the Vampires
3.Gregory Issacs - Tam Tam
4.Studio One - Hooligan
5.King Tubby - Creation
6.Scientist - Saved by the Bell
7.Heptones - Mystery babylon (12")
8.Ossie Allstars - Lion Fence
9.Mikey Dread - Comic Strip
10.Jammy - Firehouse Special
11.Scientist - Dub Livity
12.Prince Jammy - Ants Nest
13.Carlton - Macka Dub
14.Ossie Allstars - Zion in Dub
15.King Tubby - Jacksons Head
16.Scientist - 305 Spanish Town


Folk Tales 4
Acid in the Arboretum

Yes my feller dwellers, spring it nearly cumeth upon us so join us in banishing the wolf of winter back to his lair with this mushroom brew fuelled dance upon the heath beneath the stones and resting place of the elders. Drink deep and be merry for soon it be'ath the time for sowing thy seed . . .
1.T.I.M.E - Waking
2. David Crosby - Traction in the Rain
3.Chris Bell - Speed of Sound
4.Jan and Lorraine - Number 33
5.Espers - Rosemary Lane
6.Circulus - Everglade
7.Candle for Judith - Siderial
8.Comus - Winter is a Coloured Bird
9.Spriggans - Witchfynder
10.Fairport Convention - Matty Groves
11.Dulcimer - Sonnet to the Fall
12.Gorkys Zycotic Mynci - Eating Salt is Easy
13.C.O.B - Evening Air
14.Roy Harper - One Man Rock and Roll Band

(Again this issue featuring very special artwork from the Bosbos)