Eon - Void Dweller
(Vinyl Solution 1992)

I loved this period of British music Eon along with J Saul Kane and Baby Ford made some of the most weirdest,hardest breaktech that ever oozed from a studio. J Saul is actually responsible for most of the mixing and production on this LP as the Vinyl Solution studio was mainly made up of his and Eons equipment.The samples on this LP are mighty fine coming from the films Dune and Basket Case.


1 A Kind of Living (Green Icing Mix)

2 Inner Mind (Deep Thought Edit)

3 Spice (Original Mix with Notes)

4 Final Warning (Raucous Dub Mix)

5 Basket Case (White Coat Mix)

6 Infernal Machine

7 Fear: The Mindkiller (Altered Edit)

8 Electromagnetic Waves

9 Basket Case (Black Coat Mix)

10 Infinity (MTR 12 Mix)

11 Dawn on a New World (Concept Mix)


London Posse - Gangster Chronicle

Tracklisting :

Money Mad (6:49)
Producer - Tim Westwood
Livin' Pancoot (6:23)
Original London Style (4:38)
Bass -
Eustace Williams
Remedy For The Black Ash Blues (0:46)
Jump Around (5:24)
Producer -
DJ Devestate
Sexy Gal (5:32)
Featuring -
Culture Mark
Gangster Chronicle (4:30)
Live Like The Other Half Do (6:33)
Oversized Idiot (4:17)
Tell Me Something (6:26)
Producer - Tyrone Henry
Money Mad Bonus Beats (2:28)
Producer -
Bevington , Tim Westwood


Live @ Rebelbass

One of the best nights of my life and we captured it on digital :D Here is the full Rhythm Incursions show hosted by Waxfactor who tells you at the beginning how it all came about and then its in for 60 minutes of the finest headjunk. Youve seen the post below so just get on it !

Lords of the Underground - Funky Child (Pendulum)

Comprising of DoItAll (no not the DIY chain fool), Mr. Funky, & DJ Lord Jazz, Lords of the Underground came Newark, New Jersey dropped albums between 1993 and 1999. Here Come The Lords was the most notable, feating this gem of a 12 inch Funky Child, which stands out alongside Chief Rocka. A little less aggressive than the likes of Onyx and co, but just as powerful.


Slumber Soundsystem - Jah Saves (Deskjob)

The Cricket World Cup may have been a disapointment, but there is one great thing to come out of the WIndies. Deskjob's own Slumber Soundsystem tribute to the best music for the summer months - smoke em if ya got em.

1 wuleeks - public service announcement pt 2

2. Watty Burnett - Rainy night in portla

3. Augustus Pablo - Black Ants Lane

4. Harry J Allstars - Jack the Ripper

5. Peter Tosh - Get Up Stand Up

6. Junior Byles - Fade Away

7. Clive Hylton - Judgement Day

8. Big Youth - Screaming Target

9. Iyah Binghi - Give Thanks (Version)

10. Inner Circle - Wanted - Dead or Alive

11. Techniques in Dub - Born to Love

12. Dave Barker - Wet Vesion

13. Prince Far I & Singers and Players - Virgin

14. Junior Delgado - Sons of Slaves

15. Augustus Pablo - Silent Satta

16. Horace Smart - Ruffer Ruff


Tranquillity Bass - Cantamilla (Internal)

This lovely gem of a tune, which I defy anyone not to like, appeared alongside Hawke (AKA Gavin Hardkiss) and his wonderfully titled 3 Nudes (Having Sax On Acid) on Orbital's Internal Label as part of a California Dreaming sampler.

Strangely enough, Internal mispelt the title as Cantimilla (so much for transatlantic telephone connections). Tranquillity bass, AKA Michael Kandel only produced one LP, and a good one at that, Let The Freak Flag Fly is a fine example of American West Coast, darest I say trip hop from the late 90s.

UR - Live at the Limelight

Underground Resistance not only bought about an incredible change in Detroit's techno landscape but the rest of the worlds. Originally appearing with some lighter techno moments, not unlike those brought about by Kevin Saunderson and his KMS imprint, Mad Mike Banks and co went on to bring a dirtier heavy sound which can still be felt today.
Taking a militantly political ideal and rubber stamping it with effective imagery and even more effective bass, UR have created some of the genre's finest moments - see earlier post 'The Theory'
It has been said that UR are techno's equivalent to Public Enemy without the drama.
I think it's about time we had a revolution brothers.


Innerzone Orchestra - Bug in the Bassbin

Some future jazz for your asses from Detroits finests Mr Carl Craig and friends. This track changed things on so many levels the ripples felt through the drum n bass scene and beatheads mainly, people were pitching it at whatever speed they were into and messing heads in the process. Here it is in all its guises that all throwdown a shape.

Tracklisting :


Bug In The Bassbin (Original Mix) (10:23)

Bug In The Bassbin (Jazz Mix) (11:58)

Bass -
Rodney Whittaker
Drums - Fransisco Mora*
Engineer - Chris Andrews
Remix - Carl Craig

Bug In The Bassbin (Street Mix) (4:41)

Engineer [Edit] -
Richie Fermie
Engineer [Mix] - John Lyons
Remix - Carl Craig

Bug In The Bassbin (4 Hero Mix) (6:13)

Remix -
4 Hero

Bug In The Bassbin (Graphic Dub) (5:10)

Remix -
Claude Young

Bug In The Bassbin (Future/Past Mix) (7:10)

Remix -
Kirk Degiorgio

Bug In The Bassbin (Peshay Mix) (7:49)

Engineer -
Remix - Peshay


Super furry Animals - Slow Life EP

" Rocks are Slow Life . . . . . ." A rare EP from the greatest band on the planet that came with the US "Phantom Phorce" LP. "Slow Life" is what SFA do the best, a perfect mix of Electronica and Guitars and on "Motherfokker" they are joined by fellow valley boys Goldie Looking Chain for a total riot of a tune. if you aint seen SFA live you need to as they are just amazing they just wipe the floor against our generation of laptop fumblers.
!!GET ON IT !!

Tracklisting :

1.Slow Life

2.Motherfokker (With GLC)

3.Lost Control


King Cannibal - Let me Introduce Myself (Zillamix)

FIYYYYAAAAA !! King Cannibal unleashes a giant mechanoid gorilla of a mix again. Crushing all in its path and devastating the vicinity. This man never fails to impress me and will always be a favorite round Rebelbass HQ. This is one hell of a punishment your speakers will despise you ;)Play loud but Watch ya Bassbins im tellin ya !!!


Hive & Gridlock - Welcome to Violence (Violence)

Amit - Swastika (Commercial Suicide)

Dylan & Skitty - Disguised As An Angel Of Light (Bastard Child)

Knifehandchop - Tizzy Tixbown Riddim (Mdslktr’s Barbielon Version) (Tigerbeat6)

Modeselektor - Black Barbie Rmx (Shadetek Records)

Phono.O - Bluehende Landscha (Tigerbeat6)

Aaron Spectre - Lookout Fi Liar (Deathsucker Records)

Dj SS - Black (VIP Version) (Formation)

King Cannibal - Aragami Style (Shockout)

King Cannibal - Bad Man Near Dark (TBA)

King Cannibal - Beneath The Surface (Signals / Uncharted Audio)

King Cannibal ft Early Out - Funeral Again (Shockout)

Squarepusher -Come On My Selector (Warp)

Squarepusher - Do You Know Squarepuser (Warp)

Aphex Twin - Cock / Ver.10 (Warp)

Squarepusher - Tomorrow World (Warp)

Cutty Ranks - Limb By Limb Acapella (Fashion Records)

Two Lone Swordsmen - Tiny Reminder No.1 (Warp)

Aphex Twin - Mt Saint Michael + St. Michael Mount (Warp)

Sweet Exorcist - Testone (Warp)

Squarepusher - Full Rinse (Warp)