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GOOD COPY BAD COPY - a documentary about the current state of copyright and culture



The Tube – A Night In NYC

25 minutes long and a blast from the past - well worth a watch. Jools Holland and Leslie Ash hit NYC for a night of culture, Arthur Baker, Paradise Garage and B-Boys.


DJ Tat - SCR Radio Show from 1992

Whilst going through the daily process of logging into various message accounts, work email, Discogs, Facebook etc - and rarely finding much of note, it was really refreshing to find a message in my Facebook by my Conspiracy Worldwide homeboy Nasir Montana. A big fan, and now player in the world of pirate radio, he had very kindly upped an old tape of mine from about 1992 when I dj-ed on Saturday night's on Sheffield Community Radio (SCR). What made it really special for me was that after doing something close to 400 shows between 1991 and 1999 I had virtually no documented evidence of ever being on air - no tapes, no files. So at last I will have something to play my daughter, although I doubt she'd feel the vibe ;-)

SCR along with its sister station Fantasy FM was seminal in bringing unheard black and underground music to the streets and alleyways of South Yorkshire. So much were their appeal that they regularly hosted packed out nights across the city and surrounding area. SCR run from the 80s until the mid late 90s when it became increasingly difficult to avoid the authorities, find decent loyal and talented djs and compete against the growing number of legalised shows playing the same music. SCR was particularly important due to it's connection with the local community, and played everything from dub reggae, to lover's rock to R n B. My show focused on what I was playing at the time, which was pretty mental listening to this recording. I was the only DJ on SCR to play rave, due to the reggae focus, my desire for overtime allowed me to cross polinate across the station, eventually slipping in my first and second loves of hip hop and house music.

Obviously I sound about 17 years younger and three stone lighter. 18 years on from my first show on Hardcore FM, before moving on for the full duration with Fantasy FM - which went on to become legendary in the rave community across Yorkshire and East Midland. DJs such as Asterix and Space (Chris Duckenfield, Easy D and MC Rush, Mongoose, DJ Dream, Desi, and many more including later one our very own Fatty G created a serious buzz playing cutting edge breaks, techno, house and hardcore.

If you want to catch me now playing old school hip hop and realted genres - tune into Conspiracy Worldwide 8-10 gmt, Friday nights. Tune in or drop out.

Hopefully there is a part two in the pipeline (it's taken from a tape).
Download it from HERE



During Frightwig's influential history they had many line up changes. Deanna (bass) and Mia (vocals&guitar) formed the band in San Francisco in 1983 because they were bored with the cheezy male dominated rock scene and the growing number of "hair" bands. The duo were then joined by Cecilia (drums) and were now ready to kick serious ass! 1984 saw the release of their debut album 'Cat Farm Faboo' and the inclusion of an extra guitarist called Susan. Extensive touring provided an opportunity for Frightwig to gain themselves an irresistable and infamous live reputation. Their shows included the worshiping of women and the band ordering male members of the audience to dance naked (!). Described by one reviewer as "Beautiful, noisy chaos" and "loud women with foul mouths, big songs and fat attitudes". The wild women set an example that was to influence many other bands such as L7, Babes in Toyland, Faith No More and Hole. 1986 saw Rebecca replace Mia (who was pregnant) and the band recorded their second album 'Faster Frightwig Kill Kill!'. However Rebecca decided to quit due to pregnancy, followed by Cecilia who went for therapy. BUT the band were not finished yet and in 1989 Rebecca and Deanna reformed the band with a new drummer (Lyn Perko from Sister Double Happiness). They were together long enough to record the 'Phone Sexy mini album! Sadly Rebecca and Deanna joined Cecilia in the Betty Ford Center, whilst Lynn rejoined her old band. The most psychotic, beautiful and cathartic band of the 80's was dead. However their attitude, wit and determinism to break boundaries became the blueprint for the early 90's alternative scene. Courtney Love went as far as to say that without Frightwig "there would be no Hole, no Babes in Toyland no riot grrl and no PJ Harvey". Whilst L7, Bikini Kill and The Butthole Surfers have also made clear their admiration for one of the most intelligent, ferocious and provocative bands ever.

Cat Farm Faboo (1984)

Faster, Frightwig, Kill! Kill! (1986)

Phone Sexy (1990)

Wild Women Never Die (1995)


Eon - The Spice Must Flow

The latest DC Recordings email out has brought the very sad news that Ian Loveday - creator of great music under the monikor of Eon as well as the much underated Minimal Man releases has passed away.
Ian passed away on June 17, 2009 at St Mary's Hospital London from complications with pneumonia. Myself and co blogger Fatty G were and still are massive fans of the Eon releases and Void Dweller is still a remarkable piece of work almost 20 years on.
It's very much fitting that we should dig out an ultra classic, darken the room, turn the strobe on and let the pretty lights appear to the sounds of "The Spice Must Flow".


Duke Spook - Black Ops 5

1.Jamie Woon - Wayfaring Stranger(Burial Cut)
2.RSD - Over It
3.Kode 9 vs LD - 2 Bad
4.Millie and Andrea - Gunshots
5.Loafah - Mud (VIP)
6.TRG - Horny(Reso Cut)
7.Caspa - My Pet Monster
8.Vista - Fiyah
9.Toasty - Angel (Si Begg Cut)
10.Stacey - Bionic Peversions
11.Skream - One for the Heads that Remember
12.Slaughter Mob - Saddam
13.Roxy vs El B - 2 Bad
14.Switch - A Bit Patchy
15.Zomby - Tears in the Rain

Duke Spook meets Meat Beat Manifesto

As long time followers of this blog know me and the Soulboy are massive Meat Beat Manifesto fans. Id rate Jack Dangers as one of the worlds top producers who is always innovative and a serious forward thinking motherfucker. From raw cut and paste hip hop, psychedelic analog heavyness to blissful ambience and pumping party tackle, MBM have thrown it all in your face. Signing to Planet Mu a couple of years back after a few years in the wilderness he released Autoimmune that tore all the Dubstep kids a new asshole with its tuffer than tough ragged basslines and synth overload. Ive been meaning to do this mix like the Depth Charge one for ages and i final pulled my finger out !!

1. Hallucination Generation
2. Asbestos Lead Asbestos
3. Cease to Exist (MBM vs DHS)
4. Structures
5. Young Cassius
6. Brainwashed / Zombie
7. Horn of Jericho
8. The Water Margin
9. Now (12")
10. Prime Audio Soup (Boards of Canada)
11. Your Mind Belongs to the State
12. Psyche Out
13. Acid Again
14. Behemoth
15. Edge of No Control Pt 2
16. Edge of No Control Pt 1
17. Radio Atlantis
18. Radio Babylon
19. Original Control (Vs 2)
20. I Am Organic
21. Dogstarman / Helter Skelter
22. Hello Teenage America
23. Mindstream (Mind the Bend Orbital)
24. Fire #9
25. Its the Music


They Call it Acid

Film Trailer - They Call it Acid from Gordon Mason on Vimeo.

The UK -1988 - the birth of one of the most long-lasting cultures and musical genres since Rock 'n' Roll itself – Acid House. In two years it was to outgrow the underground clubs of London and see millions of Thatcher’s children dancing through the night and shouting ‘Mental’ at massive illegal warehouse parties and outdoor Raves, attended by tens of thousands, they called it ACID HOUSE.

Driven by a media hate campaign, the British Government acted against this new culture by pushing a bill through Parliament that would outlaw these illegal parties. Millions of pounds were spent funding a special Police Unit, whose sole purpose was to crush this movement, never before has the UK seen such a reaction against a youth culture . In response, the Ravers formed The Freedom to Party Campaign who’s slogan was ‘Let the People Dance’, but by 1990 the police’s tactics got heavy handed and the Government at last won the war against Acid House - the illegal party scene was all but stamped out.

THEY CALL IT ACID is a feature length documentary which plots the emergence of this culture from its musical roots in Chicago and Detroit, to the melting pots of Ibiza, London and North England where these elements were brought together by a small number of DJs, musicians and promoters. Fed up with the 80s society that they were living in, they created the illegal Acid House party scene. Far from being just a culture of music, fashion and drugs, Acid House broke down long-lasting barriers in the UK, bringing together black and white, rich and poor and groups of previously opposing football hooligans. 12 months from its conception it was to bring on board millions of people and through the 90s spread worldwide, with the birth of the super club, massive licensed outdoor Raves, Dance Music festivals and the rise of the super star DJ, many of whom are now world famous.

Narrated by Robert Owens, one of the most distinctive voices of House Music, with a seminal soundtrack compiled by DJ ‘Evil’ Eddie Richards, one of the UK’s foremost House pioneers, THEY CALL IT ACID features over 60 interviews with both the originators and followers of the Acid House scene and the Police and Politicians who opposed it. Featuring unique film from many of the first illegal clubs and parties as well as never-before-seen footage of Police raids as they clamped down on the scene.

The Hippies had 'Woodstock', the Mods 'Quadrophenia' and the Punks 'The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle - 'THEY CALL IT ACID' is the story of Acid House, the birth of Rave, the culture the Government failed to crush!



Animal Collective - My Girls

Sounding like "The Sun always Shines on TV" by A-Ha produced by Phil Specter and Van Dyke Parkes on a severe mescaline session the new single from Acid loons Animal Collective comes on like a technicolour dreamcoat. I cant wait to see this lot live at the Green Man festival this summer.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Zero

More thunderous 80s techsynth madness this time from NY's finest. The guitarist found a Moog Prodigy in a junk shop and proceeded to write most of the new LP on it instead of his usual trusty steed. I like this it has a Blondie vibe for the Noughties.

The Maccabees - No Kind Words

A very 80's sounding track from the Macs almost a Bunnymen/Bahaus feel to it that kinda drags on a gothy mood. Really like this, seems like 09 is gonna be a good year for music.

Passion Pit - The Reeling (French Kiss)

Simply superb track from Massachusetts band Passion Pit following on from last years "Chunk of Change" EP and the excellent "Sleepyhead" 7". Highly psychedelic rave synths,falsetto vocals and childrens choir's all over a thumping housebeat ? Yes please. Looking forward to the full length "Manners" due to drop in May

Granicus - Self Titled (1973)

Formed in Cleveland Ohio in the early '70s , they released only one album in 1973 , which is an absolute gem!We speak for a lot of gems and lost diamonds in these pages and we have to mark some things.The most of them existed between 1966-1976. Most of the reviewers say , like in the Granicus case , that the public just wasn't ready for them and so they were a commercial failure! I'll say that seems that there was an effort for less "dangerous" hearings for the public in the days of Vietnam war! Acoustically AND politically!Granicus are often reviewed as a band heavy influenced by Led Zep , it was even said that their singer , Woody Leffel , was to replace Robert Plant! But , the fact was , that Granicus were more dangerous than these commercial mega-stars!The great guitar work , influenced by the experimental psychedelic- progressive - garage scene , the mixture that gave the definition "hard rock classic" sound and the vocals of Leffel reaching sometimes a level that Robert Plant only wished he could. Thanks to Blackspring for making me dig this Lp out again and get my grease on .
1 - You're In America
2 - Bad Talk
3 - Twilight
4 - Prayer
5 - Cleveland Ohio
6 - Nightmare
7 - When You're Movin
8 - Paradise


Green Man Festival 2009


Roky Erickson

Animal Collective

FSOL / Amorphous Androgynous

Four Tet

Grizzly Bear

Dirty Three



Andrew Bird

Joe Gideon & The Shark

The Phantom Band

Unicorn Kid

Beth Jeans Houghton

The Leisure Society


Bon Iver

British Sea Power



Peggy Sue



Its A Buffalo

She KeepsBees

Golden Animals

6 Day Riot

No Thee No Ess

Sound Carriers

Martin Carr



The Groundhogs

Scratching the Surface (1968)

Blues Obituary (1969)
Thank Christ for The Bomb (1970)

Split (1970)
Who will Save the World ? (1972)
Hogwash (1972)


Ghost Hordes and Dread Lords on the Xbox 360

If you have an Xbox 360 then meet the clan . . . . .
We are up for Bad Company,BF 2 MC,COD4/5,GRAW 1/2, Rainbow 6 Vegas 1/2 and Forza 2
Hit us up at Ghost Hordes HQ if you fancy your chances ;)


La Monte Young - Dream House

I originally found this LP in a dodgy scruffy record shop in Scarbourough many years back in its original gatefold sleeve and the record was immaculate. Years later i found out about its raritiy and value and was astounded. It comprises 2 epic unfolding drones, one side just pure sine wave tone generator and the other the same tone with La Monte Young utilising overtone singing. The drone side is amazing as you move around the space you are listening to it in you notice subtle changes in the timbres and if you get down low the whole thing turns into a sub bass. Originally released by the French label Shandar with the catalog number Shandar 83.510 and never re-released on CD, "Dream House 78' 17" is one of the very few recordings ever made by minimalist composer La Monte Young, in this case together with his long-time companion Marian Zazeela and his group The Theater of Eternal Music (spelled "The Theatre of Eternal Music" on the record). The 78' 17" in the title consists of the duration of the record measured in minutes and seconds. This length, almost double what was then normal, was extremely unusual in its time. Young in the sleeve notes says that "Time is so important to the experiencing and understanding of the music in the record that every effort was made to make the record last as much as the original master tapes.

The first composition, "Drift Study 14 VII 73 9:27:27-10:06:41 PM NYC" is a part of "Map of 49's Dream The Two Systems of Eleven Sets of Galactic Intervals Ornamental Lightyears Tracery", itself a section of an even longer work called "The Tortoise, His Dreams and Journeys". In it, three sine waves and the members of The Theatre of Eternal Music play together. According to Young, the lack of harmonic content of the sine waves makes accompanying them with regular instruments and human players extremely difficult.
The second composition, "Drift Study 14 VII 73 9:27:27-10:06:41 PM NYC (39" 14")", is played entirely by sine wave generators. Frequencies and voltages of the sine waves generators were determined and tuned by La Monte Young using oscillators custom-designed by sound technician Robert Adler to generate specific frequencies and voltages of great stability. The sine waves produced are such that they interfere with each other, creating changes of volume both in time and space that can be experienced either walking within the room or staying put. If one chooses to walk, he will change the sound experience of other people in the room by moving the molecules of air.
A Dream House exists at the Mela Foundation on 257 Church Street, NewYork, and is open to the public.



More Krautrock Breakdancing

Getting it on to Can "Spoon"


The Arch drude of Wessex (Julian Cope) is back with a tasty collection of proto Glam nonsense. You can check the full in-depth article over at Head Heritage
Lets hope this is the basis for a new book and im sure it has a lot to due with JC releasing the forthcoming Brain Donor LP "Wasted Fuzz Excess" where he unleashes another dose of glam power trio grooves resplendant in flouro platform boots,dual neck Gibsons and Mellotronic madness. To get your groove on in the meantime get on this . . .
(Ive sourced all the tracks from this off the original singles (All remastered) and albums and i now have them to download in 2 parts/folders for you to get your Glam stomp on !!!)

Part 1

1. Tyrannosaurus Rex - King of the Rumbling Spires (2.10)
2. The Move - When Alice Comes Back to the Farm (3.44)
3. John Kongos - He’s Gonna Step on You Again (4.24)
4. Tiger B. Smith - Tiger Rock (5.17)
5. Pussy - Feline Woman (2.28)
6. Lucifer - Fuck You (4.53)
7. White Witch - Class of 2000 (6.15)
8. Jobriath - World Without End (3.45)
9. Silverhead - 16 & Savaged (4.26)
10. Amon Düül 2 - Jalousie (3.29)
11. Argent - God Gave Rock’n’roll to You (6.41)
12. Pantherman - Pantherman (3.10)
Part 2
13. Mustard - Good Time Comin’ (2.33)
14. Iron Virgin - Rebels Rule (3.12)
15. Dump - Annabella (3.20)
16. Neil Merryweather - The Groove (5.32)
17. Be Bop Delux - Swansong (5.53)
18. Seventh Wave - Star Palace of the Sombre Warrior (3.12)
19. Dictators - Master Race Rock (4.17)
20. Rik Kenton - The Libertine (3.21)
21. Kiss - Great Expectations (4.24)
22. The Runaways - Dead End Justice (6.10)
23. Chrome - My Time to Live (4.21)
24. Doctors of Madness - Mainlines (15.46)
And all the seperate tracks in 2 Folders @ 192kbps
I also have my own Glamrocksampler 2 in the works at the moment so errr . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WATCH OUT


Soleboy - Darling fuck The Recession - Let's Party !

Done as part of the yearly Ninja Forumites Xmas Swap. Enjoy...


Benevolent Beats Volume one

Benevolent Beats is a compilation by artists which was born by a mad idea through the Ninja Tune Records Forum.

The main purpose is to create a unique, eclectic and if not odd compilation from just using samples taken from crackly old charity shop records.

That's right, no beats, no vocals, no preset sounds - just loops, anything spoken word, nose flutes and bird song.

The rules for the compilation are pretty simple, although making the tracks should be tougher, as you'll know
that most charity shops have mainly crap/classical/C&W, 7 inch singles unless you live in one of the big cities.

Each artist is given around seven minutes to play with, although they are allowed multiple tracks within that time limit.

Each track must be composed of nothing but records bought from charity shops with a maximum budget of £10.

To add to the project's feel it was suggested that all artists try to take photos of the records (considering there's likely to be some odd covers), and even take pics of you buying the record, displaying the charity shop etc. These have been to protect the artists and the tunes they therefore pilfered - although pretty much everything that was used has long been dead on the licencing front.

This compilation is covered under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 UK: England & Wales Licence. Click here to read more about it.

1. Herma Puma -Sunshine Trumps Rain (Chariy D Remix)
2. John Shima - St Beardo's
3. Soleboy - All Records a Pound
4. Absolutley Nebulous - A Pig With a Wig
5. Kovas - Hur This Interlude
6. Jbavi - Charitee
7. John Shima - Ghost Rider
8. Black House - Ride em Cowboy

Download compilation here
cover artwork

Web pages



The Emperor Machine Live

Petrol 29/11 from Sander Verheyen on Vimeo.

Being a fan of all things DC Recordings, as well as a long time fan of the defunckt Vinyl Solution Records, I thought I'd post this. As DC say in their email newsltter, The Emperor Machine have had a good year with the birth of their new Live show and you can see an interview with Andy Meecham and some footage from a recent gig they did in Russia here: LINK
. There is also some footage from a show they did with The Oscillation in Antwerp which is the video at the top. Short but sweet, some nice warblings going on and a sign that the label has built up a fine roster of cosmic magicians. It's taken time for DC recordings to become what it really wanted to be, but you can see the logical progression from the heavy beats and bass, acid wash and electro monsters that came out in the late nineties and early naughties.


2008 Cyon bboy championship final Rivers vs. JinJo crew

Nothing too odd about a B Boy final from South Asia, granted the breaking is top notch and certainly gives many nods to the styles of the 80s. What I like about this clip is that Can come in halfway through the session and it really works. Breaking to Krautrock? Could be be and you heard it here first.

Edgar Broughton Band Discograpy (1969 - 75)

More hairy freakazoids from the Ladbroke Grove collective along with Hawkwind,Pink Faries and Magic Muscle. EBB were probably the most political of all the bands in the area and got on the same groove as the Fugs in NY. The early LPs are hard driving fuzztone classics that pile on the grease factor. Subsequent Lps started to chill out and add more classical instruments before they got trippy again on the Oora LP. Anyway get ya lugholes round this lot and then roll a big fat spliffter and enjoy :D

1.Death Of An Electric Citizen
2.American Boy Soldier
3.Why Can't Somebody Love Me?
7.Love In The Rain
8.Dawn Crept Away




1.There's No Vibrations, But Wait!
2.The Moth
(i)The Moth
3.Momma's Reward (Keep Them Freak's A Rollin')
5.Officer Dan
6.Old Gopher
(i)The Psychopath
(ii)(B) Is For Butterflies
10.It's Falling Away



1.Evening Over Rooftops
2.The Birth
3.Piece Of My Own
5.Don't Even Know Which Day It Is
6.House Of Turnabout
8.Getting Hard into What Is A Woman For?
9.Thinking Of You
10.For Doctor Spock Parts 1 & 2



1.Get Out Of Bed/There's Nobody There/Side By Side
2.Sister Angela
3.I Got Mad
4.They Took It Away
5.Homes Fit For Heroes
6.Gone Blue
7.Chilly Morning Mama
8.The Rake
9.Totin' This Guitar
10.Double Agent
11.It's Not You
12.Rock 'n' Roll




1."Hurricane Man/Rock 'n' Roller"
4."Oh You Crazy Boy!"
5."Things On My Mind"
6."Exhibits From A New Museum/Green Lights"
7."Face From A Window/Pretty/Hi-Jack Boogie/Slow Down"
9."Sweet Fallen Angels" (2004 CD reissue bonus track)



1.Get A Rise
2.Speak Down The Wires
3.John Wayne
4.The Whale
6.Love Gang
7.One To Seven
8.Lady Life
9.Signal Injector
10.Fruhling Flowers (for Claudia)
11.I Want To Lie



GURU GURU - Discography (1970 - 73)

Guru Guru are kings of the free rock sound. This is what the MC5 and other hairies would have sounded like without the restrains of a strict record company. Their sound is a sludgy meandering groovefest that is interuppted by shortwave and primordial grunts. Guru Guru was both related to the free jazz music scene and both worked with Swiss female pianist Irène Schweizer. Neumeier already won several Jazz-prizes.Frontman Mani Neumeier (drummer and singer) has an original style of playing drums, and is known in the European jazz rock-scene. He was also involved in numerous other projects, as Tiere der Nacht, The Psychedelic Monsterjam, Damo Suzuki's Network, Globe Unity Orchestra, Harmonia, Acid Mothers Guru Guru, Voodootrance & Lover 303.


1- Stone In

2- Girl Call
3- Next Time See You At The Dalai Lhama
4- UFO
5- Der LSD - Marsch


1- Electric Junk

2- The Meaning Of Meaning

3- Bo Diddley

4- Space Ship



1- Oxymoron

2- Immer Lustig

3- Baby Cake Walk

4- Ooga Booga



1- Samantha's Rabbit

2- Medley - a. Rocken Mit Eduard - b. Something Else - c. Weekend - d. Twenty Flight Rock

3- Woman Drum

4- Der Elektrolurch

5- The Story Of Life


Don't Call Us (We Call You)

1- Africa Steals The Show

2- Round Dance

3- 200 Clinches

4- Das Zwickmaschinchen

5- Guru Guru Ltd