The Emperor Machine Live

Petrol 29/11 from Sander Verheyen on Vimeo.

Being a fan of all things DC Recordings, as well as a long time fan of the defunckt Vinyl Solution Records, I thought I'd post this. As DC say in their email newsltter, The Emperor Machine have had a good year with the birth of their new Live show and you can see an interview with Andy Meecham and some footage from a recent gig they did in Russia here: LINK
. There is also some footage from a show they did with The Oscillation in Antwerp which is the video at the top. Short but sweet, some nice warblings going on and a sign that the label has built up a fine roster of cosmic magicians. It's taken time for DC recordings to become what it really wanted to be, but you can see the logical progression from the heavy beats and bass, acid wash and electro monsters that came out in the late nineties and early naughties.

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