Shlomi Aber - Slow Dancer (Duke Spook Remix)

A bit of new remix action straight from the Rebel Bass lab. Some Detroit flavoured house from Isreali "Shlomi Aber" whose recent Lp "Chicago Days, Detroit Nights" is a real classic motor city burner. I just had to do a cut of this track as it just bangs on a dancefloor so gave it a real ass wiggler of a bassline to do the business. Not sure how long this will stay up so Get ya laughing tackle round this one while you can !!!


The Spanish UR ? ;)

Eduardo de la Calle from Chaval Records™ on Vimeo.

Dj Tat - JACKSHIT (Warehouse Trax )

Probably Tat's first non-eclectic, or house based mix in about 3 years - He really need to do this more. Not exactley Ableton tricks and stunts, but 60 minutes of bad, bad house, acid and techno from back in the warehouse jackin’ dayz. Mixed using decks and fx, first take everytime, so excuse the glitches - it’s as authentic as this shit gets. DJ Tat - Jack Shit - take a trip back.