Environments 3

The 3rd and final part in the Environments series, Another journey through beatless textures for you to nod off to.
Tracklisting :
1.Popol Vuh - Die Nacht Der Himmel
2.La Bradford - Eero
3.SCKE - Airplane 1981
4.FSOL - Evil Thunder
5.The Oscillation - Distant Transmission
6.Stars of the Lid - Central Texas
7.Current 93 - Thunder Mind
8.LFO - Goodnight Vienna
9.Popol Vuh - Morning Sun
10.Carl and Windy - Antartica
11.Amorphous Androgynous - Pod Room
12.Carmine Cappola - Strange Voyage
13.Blue Calx - Blue Calx
14.Deaf Centre - City
15.Spacetime Continuum - String of Pearls


100th Post Muthaf"""ers! jel anticon sweetcreaminit live bedroom mix

And they said it couldn't be done! We've reached 100 posts and rising. Well done and good work from the man like Fatty G and his exploding universe of all things eclectic, also a small pat on the back to me, who without my cheese sandwiches we couldn't have made it.

So then again you might be saying well done for what? Posting 100 things on your blog? Hey look buddy the average lifespan of a blog is just a few months and most don't get past their first ten posts - so while there's crates to dig and wonderous music out there - we'll be about.
Stay tuned for more goodness, and check out this video of how to rock an MPC, hopefully we'll have some Sasqwax on here at some point, so you can see how it's done in the UK


Fatty Ghettoblaster - Black Ops One

Its been a great year for all things bassline, So in celebration a round up of some of this years tasty treats mixed by the Chubby Tapedeck with a few old wobblers thrown in for added all round beefyness. The stuff from Boxcutter and Burial has been outstanding this year with great LPs and 12's by them pushing electronic music in new directions whilst taking from sounds of the past as all great forward thinking musicians always have done. In the words of Derrick May "The true renegades will always walk alone . . . . "

Tracklisting :

Burial/FSA - Endorphin/Vuh 1
Benga and Skream - The Judgement
MRK 1 - Grit
Ils - No Soul(PMT)
Burial - Unite
Boxcutter - Silver Birch Solstice
Vaccine - Fever Bass
Kode 9 - Magnetic City
Boxcutter - Sunshine(Original)
Burial - Shutta
Toasty Vs Scuba - The Knowledge(Vex'd 1)
JuJu - Punks(Komonazmuk)
Benga - Walking Bass
Manchu - The Wookie
Burial - South London Boroughs
Toasty Vs Scuba - The Knowledge
Dj Hatcha - The March
Burial - Shell of Light