Environments 3

The 3rd and final part in the Environments series, Another journey through beatless textures for you to nod off to.
Tracklisting :
1.Popol Vuh - Die Nacht Der Himmel
2.La Bradford - Eero
3.SCKE - Airplane 1981
4.FSOL - Evil Thunder
5.The Oscillation - Distant Transmission
6.Stars of the Lid - Central Texas
7.Current 93 - Thunder Mind
8.LFO - Goodnight Vienna
9.Popol Vuh - Morning Sun
10.Carl and Windy - Antartica
11.Amorphous Androgynous - Pod Room
12.Carmine Cappola - Strange Voyage
13.Blue Calx - Blue Calx
14.Deaf Centre - City
15.Spacetime Continuum - String of Pearls

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