Transformers - Original 1986 OST

Never mind the new film get on this japanese metal version of the original OST!!
Track listing:

1."The Touch" (Performed by
Stan Bush) (Produced by Richie Wise)
2."Instruments of Destruction" (Performed by N.R.G.) (Produced by Ernie Burns)
3."The Death of Optimus Prime" (Performed by
Vince DiCola) (Produced by Vince DiCola and Ed Fruge)
4."Dare" (Performed by
Stan Bush)
5."Nothin’s Gonna Stand in Our Way" (Performed by
Spectre General)[1]
6."The Transformers (Theme)" (Performed by
Lion) (Produced by Richie Wise)
7."Escape" (Performed by Vince DiCola) (Produced by Vince DiCola and Ed Fruge)
8."Hunger" (Performed By
Spectre General)[1]
9."Autobot/Decepticon Battle" (Performed by Vince DiCola) (Produced by Vince DiCola and Ed Fruge)
Dare To Be Stupid" (Performed by "Weird Al" Yankovic)

Thanks to the Orangewarrior for the up :D


Dismasters - And Then Some (Sure Delight)

Certainly proud of their African Roots, The Dismasters were possibly one of the first rap groups, along with Stetsasonic to touch onto Africanism.

The album had a few stand out moments, namely the singles Small Time Hustler, Black and Proud and You must be Crazy - as featured below.

4 Hero - In Rough Territory (Reinforced Records)

The first full length LP to be released on the Reinforced label, which for much of the early nineties defined the devloping rave and jungle scenes before devloping into darker and more techy areas. Even so, this LP gave much of a nod to the sounds coming out of Detroit as much as it did London. The limited edition copy came with original 12" called Combat Dancing featuring Mr Kirk's Nightmare / Move Wid The House Groove / Combat Dance. Below are two tracks from the LP that take a leaf or two from Detroit and Chicago - enjoy.


Can't Strain my Brain

Word of Mouth Featuring DJ Cheese - King Kut (Beauty and the Beat)

An absolute classic and breakers' choice from back in the day - featuring the cuts of DJ Cheese who was the second ever DMC World Champion - starter for ten - who was the first?
More powerful than Coast to Coast and just as tough as Z3 MCs Triple Threat which appeared on this Duke Bootee imprint.


Flying Lotus - Spicy Sammich
(New Track on WARP)

New track from Warp off his new forthcoming EP, It's filthy :D This one goes out to the SasQwax


RJD2 - The Horror (Defjux)

A lovely package this you get plenty of alt/remixed tracks and guests plus the 2nd disc of live footage of RJD2 @ The Beta Lounge and Bowery NYC im working on getting the 2nd disc up as well for you all at some point, in the meantime nod your head to Disc one and maybe roll a little spliffy but dont smoke too much or you may end going loco like this homey !!

Tracklisting :

1. The Horror

2.Ghostwriter (Remix)

3. Final Frontier (Remix)

Featuring -
Aesop Rock , Blueprint , Murs , Vast Aire

4. Bus Stop Bitties

5. Good Times Roll Pt. 1

6. Sell The World

7. June (Remix)

Featuring -

8. Counseling (Instrumental)

9. Final Frontier (Instrumental)

10. F. H. H. (Instrumental)


DJ Hurricane - America's Most Wanted (10" / Grand Royale)

Best known as the Beastie Boys Dj for a few years until Mixmaster Mike usurped him but lesser known as one half of The Afros because he was hidden beneath one badass giant fake Fro' check their LP "Kickin Afrolistics". This 10" on Grand Royale / Wiiija takes tracks from his solo LP "The Hurra" , some serious slamming is in order for "Gimme some elbow room" BOOOOOOM!!

Tracklisting :

1.The Hurra

2.Can we get Along

3.Elbow Room