4 Hero - In Rough Territory (Reinforced Records)

The first full length LP to be released on the Reinforced label, which for much of the early nineties defined the devloping rave and jungle scenes before devloping into darker and more techy areas. Even so, this LP gave much of a nod to the sounds coming out of Detroit as much as it did London. The limited edition copy came with original 12" called Combat Dancing featuring Mr Kirk's Nightmare / Move Wid The House Groove / Combat Dance. Below are two tracks from the LP that take a leaf or two from Detroit and Chicago - enjoy.


Can't Strain my Brain


Anonymous said...

I went to the same college apparently as one or 2 of them in West London at the time of Mr Kirk's Nightmare. My surname is Cook and if you listen it could be Mr Cook's Nightmare, this was the time when it was all on the radio and not written down anywhere. Anyway so I got this for a quid at Steve's Sounds I think and it was rough and good. Imagine my surprise to hear them coma all jazzy, well crap to me at the time compared to the direction on this album.

Anonymous said...

could you pleas reload this file
thanks and greets from germany :)