Animal Collective - My Girls

Sounding like "The Sun always Shines on TV" by A-Ha produced by Phil Specter and Van Dyke Parkes on a severe mescaline session the new single from Acid loons Animal Collective comes on like a technicolour dreamcoat. I cant wait to see this lot live at the Green Man festival this summer.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Zero

More thunderous 80s techsynth madness this time from NY's finest. The guitarist found a Moog Prodigy in a junk shop and proceeded to write most of the new LP on it instead of his usual trusty steed. I like this it has a Blondie vibe for the Noughties.

The Maccabees - No Kind Words

A very 80's sounding track from the Macs almost a Bunnymen/Bahaus feel to it that kinda drags on a gothy mood. Really like this, seems like 09 is gonna be a good year for music.

Passion Pit - The Reeling (French Kiss)

Simply superb track from Massachusetts band Passion Pit following on from last years "Chunk of Change" EP and the excellent "Sleepyhead" 7". Highly psychedelic rave synths,falsetto vocals and childrens choir's all over a thumping housebeat ? Yes please. Looking forward to the full length "Manners" due to drop in May

Granicus - Self Titled (1973)

Formed in Cleveland Ohio in the early '70s , they released only one album in 1973 , which is an absolute gem!We speak for a lot of gems and lost diamonds in these pages and we have to mark some things.The most of them existed between 1966-1976. Most of the reviewers say , like in the Granicus case , that the public just wasn't ready for them and so they were a commercial failure! I'll say that seems that there was an effort for less "dangerous" hearings for the public in the days of Vietnam war! Acoustically AND politically!Granicus are often reviewed as a band heavy influenced by Led Zep , it was even said that their singer , Woody Leffel , was to replace Robert Plant! But , the fact was , that Granicus were more dangerous than these commercial mega-stars!The great guitar work , influenced by the experimental psychedelic- progressive - garage scene , the mixture that gave the definition "hard rock classic" sound and the vocals of Leffel reaching sometimes a level that Robert Plant only wished he could. Thanks to Blackspring for making me dig this Lp out again and get my grease on .
1 - You're In America
2 - Bad Talk
3 - Twilight
4 - Prayer
5 - Cleveland Ohio
6 - Nightmare
7 - When You're Movin
8 - Paradise


Green Man Festival 2009


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