Cosmic Messages 1 - Italo Space Disco Special

In the first in a series of mixes hosted by Rebel Bass this summer all based around intergalactic planetary funkanauts who have made our world a better place with their visions of outer space and other life. First up we have old school Rebelbass member Anton LP drop a deliciously stellar selection of Italospace classics that is one hell of a blast off to the series that will have your mirrorball Deathstar spinning and get you grooving like your in the disco on Battlestar Galactica (The original as well), a second shuttle craft is already rumoured to be in transit piloted by the Soleboy himself bringing a full cargohold full of Technoid FONK to spacestation Rebelbass and it looks like this is gonna be one hell of a summer in space y'all


1.Cerrone - In the Smoke

2.Kano - Im Ready

3.Ganymed - It Takes me Higher

4.Giorgio Moroder - From Here to Eternity

5.Cerrone - Supernature

6. Harry Thurman - Underwater

7.Kebelelektrik - War Dance

8.Hot Gossip - Starship Trooper

9.Witch Queen - Witch Queen

10.Giorgio Moroder - Evolution

11.Patrick Cowley - Megatron Man

12.Mantus - Rock it to the Top

Boarding Pass


Duke Spook presents Black Ops 2

In advance of the forthcoming Duke Spook EP on 3 Bar Fire on Monday the Duke has released another bone crushing Black Ops mix heavy on the bassline and dark in flavour. Taking elements from all edges of the Bass scene this goes from heavy industrial dirt beat through to skittling 2 step thumpers,loads of new cuts slammed in with some older classics get it and turn ya subs up
Black Ops 2 :
1. Appleblim - Girder

2.El - B - Ghost Rider

3. Technical Itch - Implant

4.Rustie - Response

5. Technical Itch - One of Us

6.2562 - Enforcers

7. Appleblim/Peverlist - A Circling

8.Moving Ninja - Murky

9. Various Productions - No Win No Fee

10. Warlock - Photofit

11. Digital Mystic - Voiceprint

12. High Plains Drifter - Goldspot

13.Skream - Who are those Guys ?

14.Moving Ninja - Lost Tribe

15.Drop the Lime - Try Harder



Duke Spook - Deadweight Ep (3 Bar Fire)

( . . . . .Incoming Classified Transmission.........)

Rebelbass Minister of the subsonic battalions "Duke Spook" has drawn up plans for assault. Teaming up with the Sonic propaganda division "3 Bar Fire" they have assembled an imminent deployment of 4 different high grade techtonic weapons. To ready yourself you are advised to listen to the broadasts and then go straight to the armoury,collect your ordanance and stand by

Collection point :

The date set for "Operation Dead Weight" is April 21 at 0800 hours from that point on you are advised to stand by for further instructions and use force whenever neccesary at the first sign of assembled crowds

(.......Transmission Ends......)


Radiohead - Nude (remixes)

The parts for the new Radiohead single "Nude" have been put online so people can do their own versions and upload them for a competion, so Rebelbass stalwart File with Interpol and the excellent Remdog (Reptiles),Bobby Corridor and seismic Dave Graham (Regolith) have decide to overhaul the track and send it off in different directions. And for your listening pleasure we can offer 320k versions for download, all we ask is you take some time and visit the links and place your votes for em.

Over and out . . . . . . .


DAVE GRAHAM - NUDE Download Vote

REMDOG - NUDE Download Vote

STAS WERNO - NUDE Download Vote


JAMES ++ - Mix 1 Download Vote

JAMES ++ - Mix 2 Download Vote

MAPS AND DIAGRAMS - Nude Download Vote


Le Music est Importante Volume 1

First in a series of four eclectic mixes done by the t'other less active half of this shabby duo of musical misfits. There were done in the 2006-7 mix season, but deserve a nod upon this worthy blogsite boys and girls.