Cosmic Messages 1 - Italo Space Disco Special

In the first in a series of mixes hosted by Rebel Bass this summer all based around intergalactic planetary funkanauts who have made our world a better place with their visions of outer space and other life. First up we have old school Rebelbass member Anton LP drop a deliciously stellar selection of Italospace classics that is one hell of a blast off to the series that will have your mirrorball Deathstar spinning and get you grooving like your in the disco on Battlestar Galactica (The original as well), a second shuttle craft is already rumoured to be in transit piloted by the Soleboy himself bringing a full cargohold full of Technoid FONK to spacestation Rebelbass and it looks like this is gonna be one hell of a summer in space y'all


1.Cerrone - In the Smoke

2.Kano - Im Ready

3.Ganymed - It Takes me Higher

4.Giorgio Moroder - From Here to Eternity

5.Cerrone - Supernature

6. Harry Thurman - Underwater

7.Kebelelektrik - War Dance

8.Hot Gossip - Starship Trooper

9.Witch Queen - Witch Queen

10.Giorgio Moroder - Evolution

11.Patrick Cowley - Megatron Man

12.Mantus - Rock it to the Top

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