Duke Spook presents Black Ops 2

In advance of the forthcoming Duke Spook EP on 3 Bar Fire on Monday the Duke has released another bone crushing Black Ops mix heavy on the bassline and dark in flavour. Taking elements from all edges of the Bass scene this goes from heavy industrial dirt beat through to skittling 2 step thumpers,loads of new cuts slammed in with some older classics get it and turn ya subs up
Black Ops 2 :
1. Appleblim - Girder

2.El - B - Ghost Rider

3. Technical Itch - Implant

4.Rustie - Response

5. Technical Itch - One of Us

6.2562 - Enforcers

7. Appleblim/Peverlist - A Circling

8.Moving Ninja - Murky

9. Various Productions - No Win No Fee

10. Warlock - Photofit

11. Digital Mystic - Voiceprint

12. High Plains Drifter - Goldspot

13.Skream - Who are those Guys ?

14.Moving Ninja - Lost Tribe

15.Drop the Lime - Try Harder


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