Merry Xmas - The Orb/KLF - Space (Reinstated)

Recently Alex Patterson on his PMT radio show broadcast "Space" in its entirety from an original DAT he made at the time with Jimi Cauty before his parts were taken off and the LP released as a solo Cauty project on KLF Communications in 1990.
Here is the full ORIGINAL version from the show edited for your pleasure
 Merry Xmas Over and Out . . . .


Also . . . . . On the same show Dr LX gave us some unreleased treats from his archives.

Perpetual Towers of Dub in Dawn
Plateau (DubDemoMx)

Orb Extras


Reach for the Lasers (Safe as Fuck) - Mixed by Fatty Ghettoblaster

A classic mix by Fatty G pulled from the archives

1.SL2 - Aftershock
2.SUAD - Derek went Mad
3.Holy Ghost Inc - Psychomissus
4.Ajax Project - Here it Comes
5.Blame - Music takes You
6.Altern 8 - One for John
7.MK1 - Hoovers and Spraycans
8.Lennie de Ice - We are IE
9.SL2 -  Drumbeats
10.Criminal Minds - Presence
11.N-Joi - Adrenalin
12.Hedgehog - 2nd Rush
13.House Crew - Fires Burning
14.Prodigy - Everybody in the Place
15.Dee Patten - Badman
16.Rufige Cru - Darkrider
17.Tronikhouse - Uptempo
18.Altern 8 - Frequency/Armageddon/Nex Break
19.Liquid - Sweet Harmony



Keep on Stepping - Volume 1

1. King Tubby - King of Kings
2. Horace Andy - Every Knee Shall Bow
3. Aswad - Hey Jah Jah Children
4. Black Uhuru - Far East Dub
5. Pablo Gad - Hard Times
6. King Tubby - Jah Lion Dub
7. Dillinger - Gully Skank
8. Bunny Wailer - Burial
9. Earl 16 - Jah Jah Sit
10. Augustus Pablo - Africans
11. Black Uhuru - Sorry for the Man
12. Junior Murvin - Dont ya Blame It
13. Yabby U - Deliver me
14. Scientist - Tempest Dub
15. Mikey Dread - Isreal Stylee
16. Sly n Robbie - Destination
17. Scientist - Medusa Head
18. Twinkle Bros - Blackfire
19. The Upsetters - Norman


Jimmy Castor R.I.P

One of the Rebelbass heroes "Jimmy Castor" passed away this week aged 71, best remembered for his furious funk work with his "Bunch" who were sampled by the core of hip hop and breakers due to his amazing"Breaks" in his tracks. We loved him for these 2 stone cold classics, funk in peace Jim . . .


Dr Who Themes

1. Tardis - Original Takeoff and Land
2. Tardis - Tardis Entry
3. Tardis - Tardis Exterior Hum
4. 1963 Theme (Derbyshire/Grainer)
5. 1967 Theme (Derbyshire/Grainer)
6. 1970 Theme (Derbyshire/Grainer)
7. 1972 Delaware Theme
8. 1980 Theme (Howell)
9. 1986 Theme (Glynn)
10.1987 Theme (McCulloch)
11.1996 Theme (Debney)
12.2001 Theme (Arnold)
13.2005 Theme (Gold)
14.2005 Theme Extended (Gold)
15.2008 Theme (Gold)
16.The Masters Theme (Hodgson)
17.Zoe's Theme (Hodgson)
18.The Doctor's Transitional Trauma (Mills)
19.Time in Advance (Baker)
20.The Sea Devils (Clarke)
21.The Delian Mode (Derbyshire)
22.Blue Veils and Shifting Sands (Derbyshire)
23.Tardis (New Landing)


Andy Weatherall – The Music That Made Screamadelica

Here is the Radio show from BBC 6 Music from Andy Wevvers where he played the music they listened and influenced them whilst making "Screamadelica" Also included below are all the tracks compiled by the Duke at Rebelbass for your interrupted pleasure !!!

Radio Show - LINK

Compilation - LINK

Cheers to Ars Morendi for sorting the tags !!!


Duke Spook presents Spec Ops 1

Duke Spook presents Spec Ops 1

Tracklisting :
1 Desolate - Divinius
2 The Weeknd - What you Need
3 Koreless - 4D
4 XXXY - You Always Start It
5 Blawan - Getting Me Down
6 Joy Orbison - Hyph Mngo
7 Teeth - CNT
8 Bnjmn - One Sea
7 Desolate - Endurance
8 Burial - Unite
9 Teeth - Low Cut Champagne
10 Becoming Real - Antarctic City
11 SBTRKT - Right Thing To Do
12 Creep - Days (Deadboy Rmx)
13 The XX - Crystalised (Dark Sky Rmx)
14 Deadboy - Aint Gonna Lie
15 Blawan - Fram
16 Swarms - T1000


Shlomi Aber - Slow Dancer (Duke Spook Remix)

A bit of new remix action straight from the Rebel Bass lab. Some Detroit flavoured house from Isreali "Shlomi Aber" whose recent Lp "Chicago Days, Detroit Nights" is a real classic motor city burner. I just had to do a cut of this track as it just bangs on a dancefloor so gave it a real ass wiggler of a bassline to do the business. Not sure how long this will stay up so Get ya laughing tackle round this one while you can !!!


The Spanish UR ? ;)

Eduardo de la Calle from Chaval Records™ on Vimeo.

Dj Tat - JACKSHIT (Warehouse Trax )

Probably Tat's first non-eclectic, or house based mix in about 3 years - He really need to do this more. Not exactley Ableton tricks and stunts, but 60 minutes of bad, bad house, acid and techno from back in the warehouse jackin’ dayz. Mixed using decks and fx, first take everytime, so excuse the glitches - it’s as authentic as this shit gets. DJ Tat - Jack Shit - take a trip back.


Keep on Stepping 5 by Fatty Ghettoblaster

With summer heading back home for the Autumn its seems the perfect time to kick out Volume 5 of some more heavyweight dread jams. its been a year or 2 since the last Stepping mix and that's because i like to supply you with an ital selection of guaranteed Jamrock 12' dubplate action. Some nice rare tracks on this one most in their extended versions so get it downloaded !!!

Tracklisting :

1.Aswad - Dub Charge (12')
2.Blackbeard - Jazzzzdub
3.Scientist - Teeth in my Neck (Version)
4.Dennis Brown - Dont Wanna be No General (12')
5.Johhny Clarke/Jah Shaka - Babylon (12')
6.Peter Broggs - Jah Golden Throne (12')
7.Bunny & Ricky - Bushweed Contrash (Version)
8.Carlton Livingstone - 100 Weight of Collie Weed(12')
9.Aswad - Hey Jah Children(10')
10.Dennis Bovell - Rowing (12')
11.Bullwackies - Reckless Roots Radical (10')
12.Peter Broggs - Vank Out (Version)
13.Black Uhuru - Shine Eye Gal (Version)

The Library Tapes - Moog Trip Vol 1

Contained within the bizarre musty sleeves of labels such as De Wolfe,KPM,Themes International,Sonoton etc. . . is a world where VCS synths, sweaty funk workouts, pastoral electronica, Industrial nightmares and parping brass bands collide like nowhere else. These Lps were created for production use by Radio/TV and its contents were designed to cater for all tastes. Delia Derbyshire and Jon Baker both moonlighted under different names away from the Radiophonic Worksop as did such visionaries as Ron Geesin. but the undisputed heavyweight is Alan Hawkshaw who on a daily basis churned out tracks that are still being sampled to this day. On volume One im presenting the more synthy side of Library LPs ranging from Tangerine Dream hollowness via BOC to Moog goes funk !!!

Tracklisting :

1.Ron Geesin - Land of Mists
2.Eric Peters - Murky Dark
3.Mike Vickers - Tommorow Today
4.Ron Geesin - Song of the Wire
5.Mike Vickers - Night Flight
6.Alan Hawkshaw - Percussion Power
7.Brian Bennett - Getting it Together
8.Jean Jaques Perrey - Passport to the Future
9.Georges Teperino - La Hio

Bandulu mixed by Fatty Ghettoblaster

Years back i came across Bandulu via a early Infonet records compilation with Reload on it and was totally into their dubbed up Detroit flavoured percussive Tech and became a lifelong fan. Me and Soleboy caught them live at tribal gathering in the mid 90's in the Harthouse tent and were blown away with their liveshow. John O'Connell coming from behind the banks of synths and launching into a pure Roots vocal over the top of the pummelling 909 goodness and rooty basslines. So i decided a mix of their finest moments was in order to relive those memories.

Tracklisting :

1.Running Time
4.Changing World
5.Agent Jah
7.New Foundation
8.Original Scientist
11.Phaze In Remix


The Police - Voices Inside My Head (Rebelbass Strong Arms Mx)

Last weekend Soleboy held a party at his house and we both ended up back to back on the decks like old times. And one of the resluts was this mix of The Police's (Voices Inside my Head) and Mylo's (In My Arms) that we recreated a couple of days later as it sounded too good to be true.
So for your listening pleasure here it is in its 320kbps glory.



Righty Ho looks like we are back online after a technical glitch or 2 that has been solved and blocked :D Let's see what has happened while you were gone . . .


Network Records Megamix by sheffieldbleep

Network Records Megamix by sheffieldbleep

network records megamix sheffield bleep

Neal Howard - Indulge
Xon - Dissonance
Rhythmatic - Take Me Back
Cyclone - A Place Called Bliss
Energize - Report To The Dancefloor (Electro Mix)
Rhythmatic - Frequency (Depth Mix)
Model 500 - Info World
Nexus 21 - Self Hypnosis
Rhythim is Rhythim - Drama
Heychild - Heychild's Theme
Suburban Knight - The Art of Stalking
Symbols And Instruments - Mood (Optimistic Mix)
Fade II Black - The Calling
The Forgemasters - Track With No Name (Unique 3 Remix)
Nexus 21 - Together
Neal Howard - Indulge
MK - Somebody New
C&M Connection - Bio Rhythms
Critical Rhythm - Fall Into a Trance
Psyche - From Beyond
Constant Ritual - Hard Way To Come
Blake Baxter - When We Used To Play
R-Tyme - R-Theme
Altern8 - Move My Body
Altern8 - Infiltrate 202 (Vs Astrix & Space Mix)
True Faith featuring Bridget Grace - Take Me Away (Pin-Up Girls Remix)
Rhythm On The Loose - Break Of Dawn (Original Mix)
Liberty City - Some Lovin'
Altern8 - Re-indulge
MC Lethal - Rave Digger (2 Bad Mice Remix)


Ambient Comedy Mix

Click on image for enlarged view.

It's ambient and it's funny. What more can I say? Oh, nothing apart from the spelling of the word comedy...it's comdey OK!!!

1. BBC - Your Favourite Bird Song - The Woodlark
2. Sound Effects (Death and Horror) - Monsters and Animals
3. Derek and Clive - The Worst Job I ever Had
4. Roxy Music - Soth Down
5. Tangerine Dream - Rubycon pt 1
6. Bob Newheart - The Driving Instructor
7. Holmes & McMillan - Total Toxic Tranquility
8. Bill Cosby - Noah (pts 1,2,3)
9. Manna - From Heaven
10. Theme from Withnail and I - Monty Remembers
11. Edoram - Dream of the Night
12. The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy - The Guide
13. MLO - Wimbourne
14. Orbital - Through the Night
15. Not the Nine O'Clock News - General Synod's Life of Python
16. James Bernard - Euph
17. Billy Connolly - Ivan the Terrible

Download here



Good Copy Bad Copy

GOOD COPY BAD COPY - a documentary about the current state of copyright and culture