The Library Tapes - Moog Trip Vol 1

Contained within the bizarre musty sleeves of labels such as De Wolfe,KPM,Themes International,Sonoton etc. . . is a world where VCS synths, sweaty funk workouts, pastoral electronica, Industrial nightmares and parping brass bands collide like nowhere else. These Lps were created for production use by Radio/TV and its contents were designed to cater for all tastes. Delia Derbyshire and Jon Baker both moonlighted under different names away from the Radiophonic Worksop as did such visionaries as Ron Geesin. but the undisputed heavyweight is Alan Hawkshaw who on a daily basis churned out tracks that are still being sampled to this day. On volume One im presenting the more synthy side of Library LPs ranging from Tangerine Dream hollowness via BOC to Moog goes funk !!!

Tracklisting :

1.Ron Geesin - Land of Mists
2.Eric Peters - Murky Dark
3.Mike Vickers - Tommorow Today
4.Ron Geesin - Song of the Wire
5.Mike Vickers - Night Flight
6.Alan Hawkshaw - Percussion Power
7.Brian Bennett - Getting it Together
8.Jean Jaques Perrey - Passport to the Future
9.Georges Teperino - La Hio

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