Blacksmoke - 2007 (What the fuck's now going on ?)

KLF - Trancentral Archives 1 - 3 (repost)

This is what the KLF is about and it looks like they are gonna have to re enter the building and broadcast Radio Freedom once again due to public demand and maybe have another dig and see if i cant get Vol 4 together. Also i have the whole Hour and a 1/2 of "The White Room" film but will have to set up a torrent as its AVI/700mb

All 3 volumes will be posted this evening until Sunday/Monday morning so grab em whilst you can



The K,the L and the F ology

Over and Out . . . . .


Depth Charge Mix by Duke Spook

For all you late night Kung fu lovers out there the Duke has mixed up a one inch punch worth of Rebelbass favorite J Saul Kane's best work under his Depth Charge moniker. Its an hours worth of the skuzziest dirtbeats and the most fucked up lo fi synths ever put to vinyl. Dont be alarmed my needle isnt fucked its meant to sound like that . . .
This one goes out to the Tatman and SasQwax for keeping it filthy.

Tracklisting :

1.Han Do Jin

2.Legend of the Golden Snake (Vs II)

3.Number 9

4.Sex,Sluts and Heaven (Bordello)

5.Five Deadly Venoms

6.Bounty Killer

7.Bounty Killer II

8.Bounty Killer III

9.Genius of Sci Fi

10.Disko Vixen (Tet)

11.Disko Airlines

12.Cool it Vixen

13.Blue Lipps

14.I Always Do

15.Bastard Swordsman

16.Princess and the Fly Girl

18.Toy Boxx


Keep on Stepping 4

Seems the sun is trying to poke its head out again after the winter so what better time to reveal this years Keep on Stepping selection in a hope to hurry its ass along . Yet again another heavyweight selection on a dub tip mixed by Fatty Ghettoblaster this time recorded live at the Black Lab 07/03/08. So bless up and fire up the system for some maximum FIYA !!

Tracklisting :

1.Well Charged - Ital Step
2.Scientist - Dance of the Vampires
3.Gregory Issacs - Tam Tam
4.Studio One - Hooligan
5.King Tubby - Creation
6.Scientist - Saved by the Bell
7.Heptones - Mystery babylon (12")
8.Ossie Allstars - Lion Fence
9.Mikey Dread - Comic Strip
10.Jammy - Firehouse Special
11.Scientist - Dub Livity
12.Prince Jammy - Ants Nest
13.Carlton - Macka Dub
14.Ossie Allstars - Zion in Dub
15.King Tubby - Jacksons Head
16.Scientist - 305 Spanish Town