Depth Charge Mix by Duke Spook

For all you late night Kung fu lovers out there the Duke has mixed up a one inch punch worth of Rebelbass favorite J Saul Kane's best work under his Depth Charge moniker. Its an hours worth of the skuzziest dirtbeats and the most fucked up lo fi synths ever put to vinyl. Dont be alarmed my needle isnt fucked its meant to sound like that . . .
This one goes out to the Tatman and SasQwax for keeping it filthy.

Tracklisting :

1.Han Do Jin

2.Legend of the Golden Snake (Vs II)

3.Number 9

4.Sex,Sluts and Heaven (Bordello)

5.Five Deadly Venoms

6.Bounty Killer

7.Bounty Killer II

8.Bounty Killer III

9.Genius of Sci Fi

10.Disko Vixen (Tet)

11.Disko Airlines

12.Cool it Vixen

13.Blue Lipps

14.I Always Do

15.Bastard Swordsman

16.Princess and the Fly Girl

18.Toy Boxx

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