Fatty Ghettoblaster presents Trippy Hippy Party 3

Like far out man . . . have you tried a bananaskin joint its beautiful baby . . . no like i dig man i dig your groove but its just too far outa sight i might get a bum trip from your aura. . .
Continuing in the Rebelbass tradition we present the soundtrack for your second psychadelic phase, Dj Tat drove the bus for the first 2 acidtest journeys that were Trippy Hippy Party 1/2 that we are digging out of the archives so like keep a 3rd eye out for em soon on here...

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1 Intro
2 Paul Mc Cartney - Check my Machines
3 Caribou - Eli
4 Black Moth Super Rainbow - Sun Lips
5 Yoko Ono - Greenfield Morning
6 DAT Politics - Space kitchen Companion
7 Panda Bear - Search for Delicious
8 Bat for Lashes - Tahiti
9 Roxy Music - Ladytron
10 Fujiya and Miyagi - Conductor 71
11 Jesu - Farewell
12 Acid Mothers Temple - Electric Psilocybin Flashback
13 Penguin Cafe Orchestra - Wildlife
14 Stars of the Lid - Dopamine clouds over Craven Cot
15 TIP - When colour becomes sound
16 Jimi Hendrix - 3rd Stone from the Sun
17 St John Green - Godess of Death
18 Fifty Foot Hose - Rose
19 Bongwater - The Porpoise Song
20 Roxy Music - In every Dreamhome a Heartache
21 Stars of the Lid - Another Ballad for Heavy Lids


Tanzmuzik - Sinseikai (Rising High)

More Rising High oddities for your ears. Tanzmuzik hailed from Japan comprising of Akio Yamamoto and Okihide Sawaki. They released this Lp on Rising High in 1994 and set out a new agenda to western electronic music producers as this sounds like they were taking no notice of anything classed as "Dance Music". Freed from rigid western music scales and thinking Tanzmuzik created vast epic techno flavoured soundscapes unlike anything there contemporaries were making. Dark and unsettling but fragile and beautiful at the same time this is a great unsung Lp of electronica.

The Kooky Scientist - Old vs Neau

Some minimal ass wiggling techno from ex Psychic Tv man Fred Giannelli. I came across this track via its video many years ago and its a scream fest as the track is cut over the top of some Ready steady go style footage of young hipsters grooving away in black and white, the track is cut to there dancing perfectly but sadly i cant find it anywhere online so if anyone has a digi version please get in touch as id love to see it again. Kick up your heels and get dancing . .


Bedouin Ascent - Treading the Earth

Bedouin Ascent were even a bit of an oddity on Rising High records and thats saying something,His 1st EP for them was an ethnic fuelled journey through beats and textures and the second a beautiful 6 tracker of damaged tonal bleepouts.This track "Treading the Earth" comes from the 1st EP and is a deep pulsing lo tech phaseout. As his career progressed Kingsuk Biswas's music just got more and more far out and became more aquired in sound


Sextant - Live at XS (Brute)

This smashing piece of Pete Namlook (Peter Kuhlmann ) and Hubertus Held was licensed oddly the Brute label which was home for many a trancelike release, including the quality recordings of Van Basten. The link is for the b-side Live at XS - 15 1/2 minutes of the best ambience you'll ever hear (excuse the crackly vinyl).


Krautrocksampler 2

Blended by Fatty Ghettoblaster

1.Faust - Its a Rainy Day

2.Kraftwerk - Ruckzack

3.Amon Duul II - She came in thru the chimmney

4.Witthuser and Westrupp - Lasst uns auf die reisen gehn

5.Ashra Tempel - Amboss

6.Amon Duul I - Bitterling Verwand

7.La Dusseldorf - Gelt

8.Harmonia - Walky talky

9.Can - Future Days

10.Kluster - Plas

11.Klaus Schulze - Floating

80 mins of krauty goodness to Kosmische your brain
Volume two in a trilogy of teutonic weirdness . . .




Underground Resistance - Interstellar Fugitives 2

We love Underground Resistance at Rebelbass HQ one reason i wanted to buy black boxes covered in dials to abuse way back in 1989 and one thing that me and Tat found we both loved and there wasnt many of us at first :) From their early hardcoreacidhouse beginnings to pureacid workouts and their tough electro battleships they have consistantly made some of the best techno of all time. If your new to em check out Interstellar Fugitives 1 a quad pack of the wobbliest,funkiest,hardest motor city grooves that had been around for years and they came back last year with this LP that hasnt been picked up on as much as the first one did and i think its just as fierce and keeping to the UR feel goes against the current trends in electronics that the masses fall into . . . Here's 2 tracks from it to worm into your ears and get it from here UR and fund the resistance !