Bedouin Ascent - Treading the Earth

Bedouin Ascent were even a bit of an oddity on Rising High records and thats saying something,His 1st EP for them was an ethnic fuelled journey through beats and textures and the second a beautiful 6 tracker of damaged tonal bleepouts.This track "Treading the Earth" comes from the 1st EP and is a deep pulsing lo tech phaseout. As his career progressed Kingsuk Biswas's music just got more and more far out and became more aquired in sound


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Can't believe I've only just discovered your blog, there are some seriously great sounds on here. I've got a small request, it would make my day if you could repost this Bedouin Ascent single, it's my favourite Rising High release and I can't find a digitial copy of it anywhere. Would it be possible at all for you to send me a link or something, please let me know at b.gotts@hotmail.co.uk

many thanks in advance,

Anonymous said...

please re-up!