Underground Resistance - Interstellar Fugitives 2

We love Underground Resistance at Rebelbass HQ one reason i wanted to buy black boxes covered in dials to abuse way back in 1989 and one thing that me and Tat found we both loved and there wasnt many of us at first :) From their early hardcoreacidhouse beginnings to pureacid workouts and their tough electro battleships they have consistantly made some of the best techno of all time. If your new to em check out Interstellar Fugitives 1 a quad pack of the wobbliest,funkiest,hardest motor city grooves that had been around for years and they came back last year with this LP that hasnt been picked up on as much as the first one did and i think its just as fierce and keeping to the UR feel goes against the current trends in electronics that the masses fall into . . . Here's 2 tracks from it to worm into your ears and get it from here UR and fund the resistance !

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