Reach for the Lasers (Safe as Fuck) - Mixed by Fatty Ghettoblaster

A classic mix by Fatty G pulled from the archives

1.SL2 - Aftershock
2.SUAD - Derek went Mad
3.Holy Ghost Inc - Psychomissus
4.Ajax Project - Here it Comes
5.Blame - Music takes You
6.Altern 8 - One for John
7.MK1 - Hoovers and Spraycans
8.Lennie de Ice - We are IE
9.SL2 -  Drumbeats
10.Criminal Minds - Presence
11.N-Joi - Adrenalin
12.Hedgehog - 2nd Rush
13.House Crew - Fires Burning
14.Prodigy - Everybody in the Place
15.Dee Patten - Badman
16.Rufige Cru - Darkrider
17.Tronikhouse - Uptempo
18.Altern 8 - Frequency/Armageddon/Nex Break
19.Liquid - Sweet Harmony


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