Benevolent Beats Volume one

Benevolent Beats is a compilation by artists which was born by a mad idea through the Ninja Tune Records Forum.

The main purpose is to create a unique, eclectic and if not odd compilation from just using samples taken from crackly old charity shop records.

That's right, no beats, no vocals, no preset sounds - just loops, anything spoken word, nose flutes and bird song.

The rules for the compilation are pretty simple, although making the tracks should be tougher, as you'll know
that most charity shops have mainly crap/classical/C&W, 7 inch singles unless you live in one of the big cities.

Each artist is given around seven minutes to play with, although they are allowed multiple tracks within that time limit.

Each track must be composed of nothing but records bought from charity shops with a maximum budget of £10.

To add to the project's feel it was suggested that all artists try to take photos of the records (considering there's likely to be some odd covers), and even take pics of you buying the record, displaying the charity shop etc. These have been to protect the artists and the tunes they therefore pilfered - although pretty much everything that was used has long been dead on the licencing front.

This compilation is covered under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 UK: England & Wales Licence. Click here to read more about it.

1. Herma Puma -Sunshine Trumps Rain (Chariy D Remix)
2. John Shima - St Beardo's
3. Soleboy - All Records a Pound
4. Absolutley Nebulous - A Pig With a Wig
5. Kovas - Hur This Interlude
6. Jbavi - Charitee
7. John Shima - Ghost Rider
8. Black House - Ride em Cowboy

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