The Arch drude of Wessex (Julian Cope) is back with a tasty collection of proto Glam nonsense. You can check the full in-depth article over at Head Heritage
Lets hope this is the basis for a new book and im sure it has a lot to due with JC releasing the forthcoming Brain Donor LP "Wasted Fuzz Excess" where he unleashes another dose of glam power trio grooves resplendant in flouro platform boots,dual neck Gibsons and Mellotronic madness. To get your groove on in the meantime get on this . . .
(Ive sourced all the tracks from this off the original singles (All remastered) and albums and i now have them to download in 2 parts/folders for you to get your Glam stomp on !!!)

Part 1

1. Tyrannosaurus Rex - King of the Rumbling Spires (2.10)
2. The Move - When Alice Comes Back to the Farm (3.44)
3. John Kongos - He’s Gonna Step on You Again (4.24)
4. Tiger B. Smith - Tiger Rock (5.17)
5. Pussy - Feline Woman (2.28)
6. Lucifer - Fuck You (4.53)
7. White Witch - Class of 2000 (6.15)
8. Jobriath - World Without End (3.45)
9. Silverhead - 16 & Savaged (4.26)
10. Amon Düül 2 - Jalousie (3.29)
11. Argent - God Gave Rock’n’roll to You (6.41)
12. Pantherman - Pantherman (3.10)
Part 2
13. Mustard - Good Time Comin’ (2.33)
14. Iron Virgin - Rebels Rule (3.12)
15. Dump - Annabella (3.20)
16. Neil Merryweather - The Groove (5.32)
17. Be Bop Delux - Swansong (5.53)
18. Seventh Wave - Star Palace of the Sombre Warrior (3.12)
19. Dictators - Master Race Rock (4.17)
20. Rik Kenton - The Libertine (3.21)
21. Kiss - Great Expectations (4.24)
22. The Runaways - Dead End Justice (6.10)
23. Chrome - My Time to Live (4.21)
24. Doctors of Madness - Mainlines (15.46)
And all the seperate tracks in 2 Folders @ 192kbps
I also have my own Glamrocksampler 2 in the works at the moment so errr . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WATCH OUT


Sheldon Nuremberg said...

If you split this into individual MP3s you will make my month!

DJ Tat/Soleboy said...

I'm liking the look of this

dubscout said...

I listened to the stream of this + loved it / thanks for uploading a version I can put on my Ipod so I can Bang A Gong while I get it on

Father Sky said...

amazing, thanks a million, but...shit, the pussy track is screwed up, sounds like it's skipping near the start!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Thanks a bunch for this! Listened to and loved the stream from the Drude's website. You've gone above and beyond by breaking em out into MP3s.

Fatty Ghettoblaster said...

Im on it father Sky !

Will get it sorted by the 12th and put up a seperate link

Cheers for the info

Anonymous said...

Ta Very much

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, your a star!

Sheldon Nuremberg said...

Man, thank you so much. I had found about three quarters of this but I don't think I would have got the last ones without you putting them here. Thanks again.

Trelek Taus said...

Thanks for the effort!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
thanks very much for these glamrocksampler tracks, but the Pussy track is still unfixed... any chance you could post that track again?

many thanks,

Roger Camden said...

This is awesome

You are awesome

Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
can I please request a fixed repost of Pussy's Feline Woman, it's still the skipping version on your download? I can't find it anywhere else.

thanks very much,

Anonymous said...

Amazing, thank you!

Brian said...

Thanks for posting this. I was just working on assembling it myself, and here you've gone and done it already! Can't wait for your own volume 2!