Duke Spook meets Meat Beat Manifesto

As long time followers of this blog know me and the Soulboy are massive Meat Beat Manifesto fans. Id rate Jack Dangers as one of the worlds top producers who is always innovative and a serious forward thinking motherfucker. From raw cut and paste hip hop, psychedelic analog heavyness to blissful ambience and pumping party tackle, MBM have thrown it all in your face. Signing to Planet Mu a couple of years back after a few years in the wilderness he released Autoimmune that tore all the Dubstep kids a new asshole with its tuffer than tough ragged basslines and synth overload. Ive been meaning to do this mix like the Depth Charge one for ages and i final pulled my finger out !!

1. Hallucination Generation
2. Asbestos Lead Asbestos
3. Cease to Exist (MBM vs DHS)
4. Structures
5. Young Cassius
6. Brainwashed / Zombie
7. Horn of Jericho
8. The Water Margin
9. Now (12")
10. Prime Audio Soup (Boards of Canada)
11. Your Mind Belongs to the State
12. Psyche Out
13. Acid Again
14. Behemoth
15. Edge of No Control Pt 2
16. Edge of No Control Pt 1
17. Radio Atlantis
18. Radio Babylon
19. Original Control (Vs 2)
20. I Am Organic
21. Dogstarman / Helter Skelter
22. Hello Teenage America
23. Mindstream (Mind the Bend Orbital)
24. Fire #9
25. Its the Music


DVNT / makemassair said...


ramon said...

This rules! MBM is the best thing to happen to modern music.

kepler said...

niceness. good to hear the now 12" again after all this time

Anonymous said...

Just linked this mix up to my blog if thats ok?

Good mix too!!!

Gidman said...

Cheers for the MBM mixtape - hope you don't mind, i've added a link to your mix on my blog.

Myself and my fellow oldskool buddy are massive MBM/Jack Danger fans and managed to catch MBM back in September 2005 at Cargo London when they toured. Did you get to see them ?