During Frightwig's influential history they had many line up changes. Deanna (bass) and Mia (vocals&guitar) formed the band in San Francisco in 1983 because they were bored with the cheezy male dominated rock scene and the growing number of "hair" bands. The duo were then joined by Cecilia (drums) and were now ready to kick serious ass! 1984 saw the release of their debut album 'Cat Farm Faboo' and the inclusion of an extra guitarist called Susan. Extensive touring provided an opportunity for Frightwig to gain themselves an irresistable and infamous live reputation. Their shows included the worshiping of women and the band ordering male members of the audience to dance naked (!). Described by one reviewer as "Beautiful, noisy chaos" and "loud women with foul mouths, big songs and fat attitudes". The wild women set an example that was to influence many other bands such as L7, Babes in Toyland, Faith No More and Hole. 1986 saw Rebecca replace Mia (who was pregnant) and the band recorded their second album 'Faster Frightwig Kill Kill!'. However Rebecca decided to quit due to pregnancy, followed by Cecilia who went for therapy. BUT the band were not finished yet and in 1989 Rebecca and Deanna reformed the band with a new drummer (Lyn Perko from Sister Double Happiness). They were together long enough to record the 'Phone Sexy mini album! Sadly Rebecca and Deanna joined Cecilia in the Betty Ford Center, whilst Lynn rejoined her old band. The most psychotic, beautiful and cathartic band of the 80's was dead. However their attitude, wit and determinism to break boundaries became the blueprint for the early 90's alternative scene. Courtney Love went as far as to say that without Frightwig "there would be no Hole, no Babes in Toyland no riot grrl and no PJ Harvey". Whilst L7, Bikini Kill and The Butthole Surfers have also made clear their admiration for one of the most intelligent, ferocious and provocative bands ever.

Cat Farm Faboo (1984)

Faster, Frightwig, Kill! Kill! (1986)

Phone Sexy (1990)

Wild Women Never Die (1995)


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Fuck yeah, Fatty! This shit is KILLER!

Mars said...

It's funny, I always mixed them up with We've Got A FUZZBOX And We're Gonna Use It - even though they don't sound very similar at all. Both are good, though I like Frightwig better.