Eon - Void Dweller
(Vinyl Solution 1992)

I loved this period of British music Eon along with J Saul Kane and Baby Ford made some of the most weirdest,hardest breaktech that ever oozed from a studio. J Saul is actually responsible for most of the mixing and production on this LP as the Vinyl Solution studio was mainly made up of his and Eons equipment.The samples on this LP are mighty fine coming from the films Dune and Basket Case.


1 A Kind of Living (Green Icing Mix)

2 Inner Mind (Deep Thought Edit)

3 Spice (Original Mix with Notes)

4 Final Warning (Raucous Dub Mix)

5 Basket Case (White Coat Mix)

6 Infernal Machine

7 Fear: The Mindkiller (Altered Edit)

8 Electromagnetic Waves

9 Basket Case (Black Coat Mix)

10 Infinity (MTR 12 Mix)

11 Dawn on a New World (Concept Mix)


XMP said...

Big up. I used to rock this often. Yo I have some sick Eon DJ sets from the old Groovetech Radio sessions in London. hit me up private if you interested - its classic/heavy/dark electro bizness. steve_pmx@yahoo.com peace

gas said...

yes mate, some sick eon sessions would be a score! do it ;)