JAPROCKSAMPLER #6 - Love Live Life + One - Love Will Make A Better You (1970)

Out of all the recent interest in Japanese rock thanks to Mr J Cope's book its the beauties like this that make it all worthwile. Recorded in 1970 and featuring the damaged fuzz guitar of K. Mizutani this LP comes on like a Dieter Derks produced Cosmic Jokers LP all phased and out there. Opener "The Question Mark (17:59)" is one hell of a trip and by the time the 2nd track comes in your brain is fried and just hooks up for the ride thru the rest of the LP. For fans of Cosmic Jokers,Brainticket and the Haphash freakout LP


keefe said...

have you got the passwords for these?

Fatty Ghettoblaster said...

Password for this LP is :ezhevika.blogspot.com

Sorry about that i uploaded the password protected one instead of the passfree one