Soundtrackarama 1

1.Wendy Carlos - Shining (Main Title)
2.Walter Carlos - Clockwork Orange (Main Title)
3.Vangelis - Bladerunner(Main Title)
4.Ligeti - Lux Aeterna(2001)
5.John Williams - Once upon a time in..
6.Roy Budd - Get Carter (Main title)
7.Glitterhouse - Viper Vapour(Barbarella)
8.John Barry - The Persuaders
9.Dudley Moore - Bedazzled/Love Me
10.Mick Jagger - Performance(Main Title)
11.Bob Crewe - Barbarella(Main Title)
13.Richard O'Brian - Double Feature
14.Chris Montez - Lets Dance (Animal House)
15.This Life Aquatic - Starman
16.Steve Zissou - Shark Attack Theme
17.Goblin - Suspiria(Main Title)
18.Britt Ekland - Willows Song
19.Krystof Pendereki - Utrenja
20.Peter Cook - Bedazzled
21.Peter Ivers - In Heaven
22.Goblin - La Alba
23.Vangelis - Racheals Song
24.John Barry - Golden Girl
25.Morricone - For a Few Dollars More..

In memory of lovely John Superstar . . .


carwhy said...

perfect service. thanks for the reups. if you reup soundtrackarama 2 i would be the happiest man on this planet.
liebe grüße

jd45 said...

Good job ! More of this kind ?