Soundtrackarama 2

Another late night journey through the celluloid streets. . .

Tracklisting :

1.Micheal Kamen - Prologue/Victor Kruger (Highlander)
2.Coppola - Do Lung Bridge (Apocolypse Now)
3.Thomas Newman - Closing Time (The Lost Boys)
4.Slayer - In-A-Gadda-De-Vida (Less than Zero/Manhunter)
5.John Carpenter - End Credits (Halloween)
6.Wendy Carlos - Rocky Mountains (The Shining)
7.Brian Eno - The Prophecy Theme (Dune)
8.Angelo Badalamenti - Dark Mood Woods (Twin Peaks)
9.Ry Cooder - Paris,Texas (Paris,Texas)
10.King Curtis - Whiter Shade (Withnail and I)
11.Lalo Schifrin - Desert Sunrise (Cleopatra Jones)
12.Roy Budd - The Plant (The Black Windmill)
13.John Barry - Main Theme (The Ipcress File)
14.Dave Gruisin - Condor Theme (Flight of the Condor)
15.Mel Brooks - Main Title (Young Frankenstein)
16.Goblin - Sun High (Dawn of the Dead)
17.Barry de Vorzon - The Fight (The Warriors)
18.Burning Sensations - Pablo Picasso (Repo Man)
19.Roy Orbison - In Dreams (Blue Velvet)

Lets hit the fucking road . . .


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