Pink Fairies - Kings of Oblivion (1973)

The 3rd and final Fairies LP that has some simply superb guitar playing on it and is the most acomplished of all their albums. This is also the LP that features future Motorhead guitarist Larry Wallis who had replaced the great Paul Rudolph and it gives you a taster of things to come when he got back together with Lemola for some no nonsense heads down boogie.
Tracklisting :
01. "City Kids" (Wallis/Sanderson)
02. "I Wish I Was A Girl" (Wallis)
03. "When's The Fun Begin" (Wallis/Mick Farren)
04. "Chromiun Plating" (Wallis)
05. "Raceway" (Wallis)
06. "Chambermaid" (Wallis/Sanderson/Hunter)
07. "Street Urchin" (Wallis)
08. "Well, Well, Well" (Single Version) (Wayne)
09. "Hold On" (Single Version) (Wayne/Sanderson/Hunter)
10. "City Kids" (Alternate Mix)
11. "Well, Well, Well" (Alternate Mix)

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