Rose Royce Royale

A lot of people dismiss Rose Royce as some novelty disco band due to the Car Wash film but contained in their LPs are some of the dirtiest hard funk and protodisco tracks around.Fans of the Beastie Boys,Funkadelic and Daft Punk should dive in and have a taste and see what youve been missing. Shake that booty Y'all its gonna be a Funky Friday !!! This is a mix ive put together myself featuring their dirtiest tracks.
Tracklisting :
1.Six O'clock DJ
2.Righteous Rhythm
3.What you Waiting For ?
4.Put your Money where your Mouth is
5.Daddy Rich
6.Bad Mother Funker
7.You Gotta Belive
8.Love more Love
9.Is it Love your After ?
10.Born to Love you
11.First Come ,First Served
12.Do It
13.Zig Zag
15.Doin' what comes Naturally



bunnyboy said...

Hey, thanks for posting this. Do you know which album it is? I don't think it was released in NA under the name Royale. I couldn't find an album with this track listing on their official website either. I dig it though, and it is certainly them. So thanks. If you ever want it split into individual tracks let me know, I have done it already.

Fatty Ghettoblaster said...


Its a mix ive done myself from my collection of Rose Royce Lps