The Barretts - Flapdoodle Dealings (MTB)

In 1993 when i was in London i was friends with a bunch of guys all of us in bands/running labels etc. and we ended up jamming together all the time as we all shared the same studio. We were all massive psychadelic music freeks and discovered a love of all things Syd. We decided to get some stuff on tape, and soon other friends were asking us to play gigs so we thought "What the hell " and did 5 gigs around Londontown. We played Oval,Kilburn.The Monarch in Camden and 2 gigs at Fungus Mungus veggie restaurant in Battersea in the winter of 1993/94 all gigs were rammed to the point of us having to play in the shop window at Fungus to bemused looks from the general public :) the gigs were a riot of period clothing,liquid disc projections,psychadelics and much grooving to the sounds of early Pink Floyd and Syds solo stuff. Anyhow for the first time ever im making the few recordings i have from this period available as Syd has sadly passed on and now more than ever it feels right to get his music heard so enjoy

Personell :

Rodger Barrett - Bass/Vocals/Frockcoat
Syd Barrett - Guitar/Vocals/Neckachief
Keith Barrett - Sax/Tattooed Brain
Barrett Barretington- Drums/Sun Ra Headwear

Tracklisting :

1.No Good trying in No Mans Land

2.Lets Roll Another One

3.Clowns and Jugglers

4.Baby Lemonade / Scream thy Last Scream

5.Silas Lang

6.Golden hair

7.Vegatable Man

8.Gigolo Aunt

9.Jugband Blues

10.Lucifer Sam (Live @ FungusMungus)

11.Interstellar Overdrive (Live @ FungusMungus)


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Just arrived from Head Heritage currently downloading and looking forward to listening