The Spiritual Highjackers - Alzir (MTB)

At the same time as we made The Barretts recordings for MTB records we came into contact with The Spiritual Highjackers and Tonal signed them up straight away no messing. I only saw them live twice and it was a experience ill never forget, playing forgotten 60's psych classics from the UK and US the band were a shadowy bunch much like the Residents playing behind a liquid disc projected white screen the only visible sign of the band their elongated, distorted figures in silhouette lit from behind but oozing lysergic madness from their delay and phaser units. This is also the 1st time this has been made available since the ultra rare recordings on MTB are now deleted and the band sunk back into obscurity never to be heard of again . . . .

Personell :
Lee Harvey Kennedy - Guitar/Vocals
Owsley Mc Lennon - Bass/Vocals
Dickie Byrd - Brass/Organ
Jack Aroma - Drums

Tracklisting :
1.My White Bicycle (Tommorow)
2.Pink Stainless Tail (The Red Crayola)
3.I must be Mad (The Craig)
4.Over Under Sideways Down (The Yardbirds)
5.Reverberation (The 13th Floor elevators)
6.Five Years ahead of my Time (The Third Bardo)
7.Incense and Peppermints (The Strawberry Alarmclock)
8.Psychotic Reaction (The Count Five)
9.The Last Wall of the Castle (Jefferson Airplane)
10.Alzir (The Spiritual Highjackers)

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