May Blitz (Vertigo)

May Blitz along with the Groundhogs and The Pink Faries define a time in British music when times where changing.Gone were all the faux psychadelic tracks and everyone was turning prog so some British bands decided to get their heads down and just rock out, May Blitz being one of the best, featuring ex-Jeff Beck Group member Tony Newman (drums), who recruited Canadians James Black (lead guitar, vocals) and Reid Hudson (bass and vocals) in 1969 to form one of the best of the UK power trios. Their debut album "May Blitz" was released on Vertigo (6360 007) in 1970 but despite containing some excellent original heavy music sold moderately and was followed in 1971 in much the same direction by "The 2nd of May" pure doped up,psychadelic boogie merchants of the highest order :D

"May Blitz"
(1st LP)

"2nd of May"
(2nd LP)

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