Champion Sound - Kickin Records (Various)

Seminal brit hardcore imprint Kickin records means a lot to Rebelbass HQ as we were signed to em :D but you'll have to find out who for yourselves . . . .This contains all the classics from its glory days, amazing really if you saw the eqipment that we had to work on, but all respect goes to German uberstar Ralph p Ruppert (Hey Rastas) the in house engineer and producer who taught me all about the studio the hard way ,editing tape with a razor etc... proper old school was Ralphy unsuprising really as he worked with Frank Florian and learnt his skills in Conny Planks studio :O Anyhow get the white gloves on and get on one matey !!

Tracklisting :

Big shout going out to Sheffield Bleep, Watch ya bassbins !

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Anonymous said...

Please can you re-up - and thanks already for the Eon and Electric Wizard stuff!