Last night was a revolution at RebelBass HQ, Waxfactor brought round Prof. Fingers & Steptone from Toronto based InsideaMind. Armed with 2 MPC's,2 PC,s,Live Bass and Turntable we cooked up some of the most illbient postrock jazzhop, 5 tracks totally improvised racking in a total time of 70 minutes. Id never met Prof Fingers and Stepone in my life but within 10 minutes Wax was playing live drums from the MPC, i grabbed the bass, Prof Fingers pulled some vinyl onto the turntable and Stepone was adding mad scientific shit off his MPC. A bunch of very cool guys and i hope to stay in touch and keep jamming in the future (Respect to Waxfactor for international relations)

This jam session can now be heard !!!!!


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The above Video is from a improv set they played last year

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DJ Tat said...

Fan f"ckin' tastic!