Yoko Ono - London Jam (Onobox Disc 1)

I LOVE Yoko Ono and this disc being some of her greatest work i thought id share some of it. this comes from the very expensive Onobox (6 disc)

This is some of the first disc called "London Jam" featuring Lennon(Guitar),Voorman(Bass) and Ringo on Drums (Yay !!) Some of these tracks appeared on the "Yoko/Plastic Ono" LP in another form. "Greenfield Morning" is simply amazing . . . . . . GET ONO'D!!

Tracklisting :

1.Greenfield Morning

2.Mind Holes

3.O'Wind (Body Is the Scar of Your Mind)

4.Why ?

5.Touch Me

6.Paper Shoes

7.Open your Box

8.Toilet Piece

9.Why not ?


11.Dont Count the Waves

12.Don't Worry, Kyoko (Mummy's Only Looking for Her Hand in the snow)

ONOBOX 1 1990


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