Electric Wizard - Supercoven (Bad Acid)

Hailing from darkest Dorset . . . . . . .One of the Uk's heaviest and dirtiest bands and "Supercoven" is there darkest moment. 2 tracks weighing in at 20 minutes each (This has bonus live tracks) that is some of the greasiest doom your ears will hear. Great liner notes . . .
"Electric Wizard use LSD,Amphetamines and high grade Marijuana and various tablets to forget " , Jus - Sonic Attack and Bongloads,Tim - BadassBass and Oil Hits,Mark - Assault and Battery.As it says on the back cover "FUCK OFF WEAK DOOM WE CANE HARDER"
Tracklist :

1 . Supercoven
3.Wizards of Lore
(from "Live 71 Demo")
4.Electric Wizard
(Live in Holland 96)


XMP said...

666 bad acid indeed! this looks like a tasty treat thx

jase_mac said...

anychance of a re up please?