Dark - Round the Edges (1971 Private Press)

One of the most expensive and rarest records ever produced,in the 70's you could press up to 99 copies of a record and not have to pay tax on them :) so loads of small bands expoited this fact like the Itacha,Agincourt,etc... Lps but in the process they have become the most sought after of all the proggy heavy fuzz psyche albums. This Lp is incredible the guitar playing is some of the best ive heard,great vocals,long tracks,great bass and drumming and its HEAVY and FUZZY as well as having some chilled folky passages. This and the Lps below have made this year a fantastic summer for music for me and id like you to hear this lost classic :)

Tracklisting :

3.Live for Today
5.The Cat
7.In the Sky
8.Wasting your Time
9.Could have Sworn
10.Maypole (Live)


J Phimister said...


Great site! I notice you have Glamrocksampler. Do u
you also by any chance have the Hardrocksampler?

Would love you if you did, lol!

Also, the link for this album doesn't work, just so you know...

Again, thanks for a wicked site!

Jörg said...

Is a re-up possible...?!?

Elliot Knapp said...

Funny how much being rare has done for this album's reputation..there's some good stuff on here though. Just wrote about it too on my blog. Have a good one!