The KLF - Trancentral Archives Volume 1

Compiled from my own archives, 3 volumes of pure trance that are in demand since the deletion of their entire back catalog but get em quick as im only making them available for 2 weeks after the posting date the first goes up tonight followed by Volume 2 later and i have a nice suprise for
Volume 3 on Sunday :)

Volume 1

1.3am Eternal (KLF vs ENT)
2.3am Eternal (Blue Danube Orb Mix)
3.Go to Sleep (Original)
4.Kylie said to Jason (Harder)
5.Kylie said to Jason (Pure Trance)
6.Madraguda Eterna (Club Mix)
7.Madraguda Eterna (Minimal)
8.What Time is Love ? (Virtual Reality Mix)
9.What Time is Love ? (Live @ The Land of Oz)

10.What Time is Love ?(Moody Boyz)
11.What Time is Love ?(Techno Slam)

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