They Came From the Stars I Saw Them - (it's always) boomtime, part one

A very old buddy of mine and Fatty's, Horton Jupitor and his collection of the wierd and wonderful - under the bannor of They Came From the Stars I Saw Them - have been around for some time, and most of that sadly under the populist radar.
My earliest memory of Horton is when we used to play together as kids in Chesterfield and the fated day his parents brought him round to mine aged about six-years-old to show my parents his bruised testicles - which I kneeded him in - oh how we laughed. I could go on about various parties, club nights and medicine cabinets, but modesty prevents me....that and an impending court case.
To make up for such bad bwoy behaviour I think it's only fair that we host their stupedous video for the track (it's always) boomtime, part one. And you know that.

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gary masset said...

wow, this is great stuff. really funny and far out. who are these people? why haven't i heard of them?