Zior - Self Titled (1971)

Zior's 1971 debut album got immediate attention when it was released because the band used the same artist that Black Sabbath had used on their first album (an artist called Keef). This first album is a knockout of fantastic heavy rock and is still one of my favourite albums of that year.Zior had their roots in Southend's early sixties R&B scene. Kevin Bonsor had previously been in a local R&B outfit, The Essex Five, and then classical/rock fusion outfit, Cardboard Orchestra. Pete Brewer had been in another Southend R&B band, The Night Riders. He and Bonsor were Zior's founding members recruiting Truba and Skeels (who'd once played in a London band called The Bum) via a 'Melody Maker' advert.Zior did have a reputation as a wild live band. They were heavily into Black Magic and Satanic Masses etc. They recorded an album on the Beacon label, later in 1971, which was credited to Monument, though in fact it featured all four members of Zior.

Track Listings:

01. I Really Do

02. Za Za Za Za Zilda

03. Loves Desire

04. New Land

05. Now I'm Sad

06. Give Me Love

07. Quabala

08. Oh Maria

09. Your Life Will Burn

10. I Was Fooling

11. Before My Eyes Go Blind

12. Rolling Thunder

13. Dudi Judy [Bonus]

14. Evolution [Bonus]

15. Cat's Eye [Bonus]

16. Strange Kind Of Magic [Bonus]

17. Ride Me Baby [Bonus]


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