Tales from the Forest
Acidfolk Companion 1

Its that time of year again folks,the leaves are falling and its getting colder so what better time to pull out from the archives "Tales from the Forest" a acidfolky companion for fireside weaving and wicker man building. Raise your glass of real ale and rejoice my woodland friends !

Tracklisting :

1.Mushroom - Early One Morning
2.Fairport Convention - Reynardine
3.Espers - Dead Queen
4.Circullus - Willow Tree
5.Vashti Bunyan - Diamond Day
6.Emtidi - Saat
7.Callinan Flynn - The Old Man
8.Magnet - Gently Johhny
9.Sol Invictus - Our lady of Wild Flowers
10.Woven Hand - Swedish Purse
11.Comus - The Herald
12.Fresh Maggots - Rosemary Hill
13.The Trees - The Garden of Jane Delaney
14.Subway - I am a Child
15.David Crosby - Tamalpais(At about 3)
16.Espers - Dead King

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